Thursday, 7 October 2010

New member of the family....

Tuesday night, a stranger came to our home. I didn't know about it until Wednesday evening... She was waiting for us at the porch, under my husband's car...Apparently, my hubby told us, she was already at our house Tuesday night, and probably she had stayed overnight...

Meow, meow, meow.... sooooo touching and inviting... of course both of my kids were excited that they want to keep it. At the beginning I was not really into the idea of having a cat for a pet, in fact, I wasn't into the idea of having pets at all!!!

She is still young, still a kid.... so cute and adorable and sooo manja! She really know how to capture our hearts...

Somehow, the whole family agree to keeping it, including myself... surprisingly my hubby was also ok with the idea of keeping her....

Now, I am thinking about her, if she will still be at home when we come back... We all have fallen in love with her...

Her name is ANJA.... the manja way of calling Manja....

~excited Xena~
Thursday, 7th October 2010, 4.21pm

Monday, 4 October 2010

Post Hari Raya 2010

Damn sleepy today! So, I thought that I should do some write up here to just bring myself awake....

Hari Raya was hectic! First day especially. It was basically to my mum-in-law's place, my mum's, mine, again and again... depending where our relatives are! This year we decided not to go back to Sg Petani as yet, probably end of this month we shall make a trip there to visit my granny.

Syawal month was basically open houses, visiting old friends, gathering here, gathering there... it was fun and tiring! Not to mention all those overeating....

O ya, I also went for my audit trip to Kota Kinabalu, Tawau and Sandakan. Did a bit of shopping here and there (shopping is my middle name!!!). I kinda fell in love with KK and I think our next destination of Cuti-Cuti Malaysia would be KK.... We'll see....

Work is ok, surviving and coping.

Ok la, got to go back to work now.

~sleepy Xena~
Tuesday, 5th Oct 2010, 8.53am

Monday, 6 September 2010

Selamat Hari Raya 2010!

It has been soooooooo long that I have written anything here.... I have been negleting this site for a while. A lot has happenned, it's just that I just could not find the time to write it all here....

Recently life have been very stressful for me. Being back stabbed twice within 1 week (domestic and work). Went for 2 interviews but none being offered. Did bead works for my hari raya clothings. Kuih raya also. Ramadhan and those berbuka puasa event with friends and family. Too many to list down actually...

But what I feel now is that, I want to have a good Hari Raya especially with my immediate family - dearest hubby and my two precious one. In the moment of difficulty, I am nothing but grateful that I have a family who truely support me, being the pillar for me in facing all those challenges. All this made me appreciate my other half even more. He may not be as what a women would have dreamt, but for sure he is not like other men who let their wives do everything when it comes to handling the kids. He is not like other naughty men who enjoy entertaining themselves in places that you would not imagine. He treats me and the family with gentle and very rarely he raises his voice, unlike other men who treat their wives and kids like shit. He never raise his hand on me or the kids. With all these, I should be very grateful.....

Selamat Hari Raya everyone!

~grateful Xena~
Tuesday, 7th September 2010, 2.09pm

Project Shake - Update #9

Day 125....

Last Friday, my coach came for my weighing session... heheheh lost 1.3kg in two weeks! Alhamdulillah...

I got 4.5kg to go...

~beaming Xena~

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Project Shake - Update #8

Day 107...

Did my weighing today... Alhamdulillah, since my last weigh, I have lost 2.1kg. So, total loss is 4.9kg to date... I am proud of myself... slowly but surely...

Will continue this till I reach my target, if it takes me years....

~hungry Xena - fasting maaaa!~

Monday, 19 July 2010

Project Shake - Update #7

Day 76

Still hanging on there, but with few 'chi ngelat'....

Haven't had the chance to weigh my 'loss' with my coach as my coach is rather busy, but he has invited us to come to his house this 31st July.

Anyway, quite happy that today somebody said to me that 'my blouse is too big for me'. The blouse was previously like a 'karung nangka'. After a month on the SHAKE, the blouse seem just nice. Now, it's big!!! I am rather glad and proud of myself.

Must continue my efforts... I plan to continue for a year....

~Determined to be slim Xena~
Tuesday, 20th July 2010, 2.37pm

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Arrrggghhhhh.... the auditors are driving me up the wall....

Two days audit.... the last audit was 4 years ago... this time round the audit is from the manufacturing group, so the scope that they are covering is different than before. Imagine a commercial group being audited like a manufacturing plant!


But I guess, it's a blessing in disguise. All this while when I conducted the internal audit, and give my findings, nobody takes note of it. The auditors have found the same findings as what I have found previously. I guess, they needed a whip from an outsider to get knocked! Haahahahahah (evil laugh again!)

Anyway, need to get back to work...

I am assigned as the 'communicator', so that is why I got the chance to scribble here for a short brief period of time!

~stressed Xena~
Friday, 9th July 2010, 10.05am

Sunday, 4 July 2010


Entah ek, just nak cakap kesian....

May God bless you....


MUHAHAHAHAA (evil laugh)..............

I found you!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA....

~Mischievous Xena~

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Project Shake - Update #6

Day 56 and counting....

So far so good... me and my partner is behaving and complying to the programme.

What made me happy was that I am now size L!!!!!

So pround, and will not give up till I am a size M....

~Pleased Xena~
Wednesday, 30th June 2010, 12.57pm

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Scribble for the day....

Been busy lately... preparing for an audit in July. Today everybody is away for the 'Sales and Marketing Conference' aka company trip. We the support staff je yang tak pegi, so unfair! But then, enjoy it while it last ya....

What have I been doing lately?

Well, my last entry was 10th June kan? Hmmmm let me see....

12-13 June, we joined the Ex-90 SMSB PD trip. It was a nice trip, catching up with old friends and being an observer for a 'sandiwara'... hahahaha sometimes is fun to just watch people's stupidity!

The week after nothing much and that weekend as usual had our hectic weekend. I srubed the house, send Liyana to her piano class and then went to my cousin's house. She had her house warming makan-makan... Seperti biasa, mingling with the relatives....

Sunday Father's day, nothing much as the contractor was doing the house. We enggaged a contractor to do those little jobs, nothing major. Then I thought, let's do a bbq... It's quite nice having it at your home, outside the house. We invited family from my hubby's side, and it was great! It was not a fancy bbq, just a simple one. It's true that people say, simple is nicer! Our menu was: bbq - fish, prawns, squids, pari; nasi putih; gulai tempoyak ikan patin; sambal tumis ikan bilis; air asam. Simple but marvellous!

So, I am not sure what will happen this weekend, but I will sure update next week...

Gotta go now, cherio!

Friday 25th June 2010 9.37am

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Project Shake - Update #5


Today my coach came to my office, to measure my weight...

Day 37 - lost 2.9kg!

Have to work harder.... he set my target this month to be 3.8kg lost....adoi!

Must work hard, must work hard....

~determined Xena~
Friday, 11th June 2010, 11.48am

Bandung Trip with the Gals - 3rd - 5th June 2010

What a tiring but pleasant trip!

Shopped till we drop and I really meant it, the second night there, I totally knocked out as soon as we reached our room!!!!

Our journey started on Thursday, 3rd June 2010. I drove myself to KL Sentral, picked up one of my girlfriend from her condo and shoot to KL Sentral. Parked my car, send MMS to hubby to show where the car was parked (he collected the car later that day!), and took the bus to LCCT.

Reached LCCT, had breakfast, checked-in and we took off. Reached Bandung on time, and our supir was already waiting for us. Straight away to the hotel, checked in, solat then off to our shopping spree. First day we shopped at factory outlet at Jalan Dago and Jalan Riau. Also went to Rumah Mode. Our supir is really-really good, in the car back to the hotel he asked, "Ada sapa-sapa mau mengurut?'. Pucuk dicita, ulam mendatang.... 5 of us had our urut in our rooms! 2 hour for Rp150,000 (RM60), mana boleh tahan right????

Second day was purely Pasar Baru. We shoot to pasar baru around 9am and stayed there till around 3pm. Never shopped like that in my whole life!!!! After that we continue our shopping spree to Toko Tiga where we all bought jeans. By that time we were damn tired! We cut short our plan and straight away went to our dinner place. We had dinner at Sierra Lounge. The restaurant is located at the higher part of Bandung and the view was excellant. I enjoyed myself there, good food with good friends with good view! Pak Agus, our supir, also joined us for dinner. I think he got a culture shock to see us 6 ladies having dinner, gossiping exchanging our plates to taste each of our food! He must taught we were some crazy bunch! But I guess, he has seen worse!!!! After dinner, we managed to drop by to a mall called 'Paris Van Java', but by the time we got there, most of the shop was closing already. Then we shoot back to the hotel, and this is when I knocked out as soon as I drop myself on the bed!

Third day, the final day, we started our day with dropping by at the famous bakery, Kartika Sari, to buy cakes. Then we shoot to Pasar Baru again, till 1pm. After that, it was our journey back home.... :(

I hope I am able to have a similar trip in the future.... Best Bangat!!!!

~Satisfied Xena~
Thursday, 10th June 2010, 6.24pm

Project Shake - Update #4

Today is Day 36....

Been not compliant last week, and that was because of my Bandung Trip... Adoi! Makan macam nak rak kat sana... huhuhuhuhu...

Now bergiat balik.... Tomorrow my coach will be coming and take my weight and measurements. So, I do hope I have lost at least a bit!

But I have noticed some improvements.... Baju memang dah longgar... Seluar, at the tighs memang loose... which already made me happy even if I have not lost any kg!

We'll see tomorow!

~positive Xena~
Thursday, 10th June 2010

Monday, 31 May 2010

A moment of low....

Life is an unfair place... No matter how hard we try to satisfy a certain person, it can never be done especially when that person has already have a mindset. At the moment, I am playing the 'be the bigger person' game. But I am not sure until when I can play this game....

It's sad to see my hubby's sad face as well when we get blamed for something rediculous and something that has got nothing to do with the main issue. But that is how it has to be... we have got no choice.

May Allah bless us always, and give us all the patience to face this challenge....

~frustrated Xena~
Tuesday, 1st June 2010, 2.01pm

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Such a party pooper!!!!

There are two types of person... One is positive and the other is negative....

Scenario: I now managed to get into a dress which was tight before and I didn't wear it before because I looked like a 'karung nangka'. So, went to 'show off' to friends in the office, in particular 2 of my lunch buddies.

The positive one: Wow! Bestnya! Alhamdulillah, you managed to lose some weight. Keep it up!

The negative one: Errr... good la, but the tummy is still buldging!

I was like, what the F***, just because you couldn't lose any weight, you just have to be bitter of other people's achievement!!!

But hey, it doesn't bother me that much (it did bother me a bit, but no, no, no, not now!). I will make the negative one life's miserable, by losing more and more weight!!!!!

~you-wait-and-see Xena~
Monday, 24th May 2010, 11.59am

Project Shake - Update #3

Alhamdulillah... have good progress...

Did my body analysis last saturday night at my coach's place. Lost 2.1kg!!!! Good huh? I am so proud of myself, but I need to work harder....

I can now wear those clothes that was previously tight fitted. How I am so glad about that! It makes me feel good that there are spaces between the cloth and the skin!!!!

Entering third week now...

~pleased Xena~
Monday, 24th May 2010, 11.45am

Monday, 17 May 2010

Project Shake - Update #2

Almost two weeks since we started. So far, we have gotten the hang of it already. In fact, the shake taste quite nice! I love the vanilla flavour whereas my husband likes the Tropical Fruit one.

However, I have been overeating these past two days... I need to control myself... not only it makes me feel guilty, but also I don't feel comfortable. I think my stomuch has shrunk, so I can't really take a lot of food anymore....

Tomorrow I shall try to contain myself... as I don't like this feeling of fullness... It makes me feel lazy!

Workout at the gym, I have been doing consistantly, at least twice a week... I hope that will last..

~determined Xena~
Tuesday, 18th May 2010, 2.01pm

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Resting at home....

Having the sniffles... tight nose, sore throat and coughing here and there....


Now at home, with my son... watching TV... getting drowsy, and drowsy...


Wednesday, 12th May 2010, 2.25pm

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Why must people judge others by their appearance or the way they dress????

Last Saturday we went window shopping at Alpha Angle Wangsa Maju. I have been looking for a watch for my birthday, and I was thinking of getting myself a Tissot watch, since it's my birthday, and it's nice to treat yourself once in a while. So, in getting a rather expensive item (well, expensive for me lah!), I would rather look for it slowly, to make sure I get the one which I really-really like.

So, while browsing through the shopping complex, I went into this watch shop at the ground floor. The lady was helpful but I was quite irritated with her. I went to the Tissot cabinet, looking through, seeing which model I'd like. She was very good in recommending models no doubt; being a good sales person of course, desperate to get some sales from me, a potential buyer. Probably my next question to her must have changed her perception on me, I think. I ask, 'Is there any discount for these watches?'. Well, I always learn that we should ask in case there is a discount right?

Then she start recommending other brands of watches. She said, 'Akak cuba lah tengok Alain Delon punya jam, itu murah sikit!'. I was like, in my heart, 'errrr do I look like I can't afford a Tissot?' I was wearing a faded imitation Polo Shirt, faded jeans with just black slippers. My husband was wearing his faded black T-shirt with those secondary-school-green pants with those pockets at the sides of the knees. My kids were dressed up equally bad as their parents.

'Tak pe', I said to myself, 'Kita kasi chance....'.

I went further in the shop, scanning at other brands, pausing at the cabinet of another swiss made watch (I forgot the brandname! Maklum le, not the type who wears expensive watches!). You know what she said to me? 'Yang ini lagi mahal dari Tissot!'. I was like, WTH! I felf like slapping her! I immediately approached my husband and told him that I didn't want to buy the watch yet, especially not from this shop!

I was rather pissed. People like to judge a book by it's cover. It's really sickening....

O well, looks like I need to be pretentious to be a filthy rich person to buy a decent watch!

~Annoyed Xena~
Monday, 10th May 2010, 8.39am

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Project Shake - Update #1

I am, well, my hubby and I are venturing into a project which I named PROJECT SHAKE. As we are growing older, and the kids are growing up, we need to ensure our health is at the best, so that we can see our kids get into colleges, get married, have grandchildren....

We are in our day 3 of the project and so far it has been ok. I hope both of us will get through this as per plan.... Very proud of my other half actually, that he is actually going through with this.... Never thought he is a strong as this... Keep it up honey!

I have to be strong and decipline on this, as we have invested quite a bit of money... so, motivating myself with this blog, I hope that I will pull this through like soldier, I hope.

I am doing this for my kids, my husband and myself. I think it's about time that I take care of body seriously. 3 times a week of cardio workout and thank you so much to a friend, my gym buddy, Ms Eynaa as with her I get more enthusiatic to go to our step classes and our belly dances classes....

~Determined Xena~
Friday, 7th April 2010, 2.17pm

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Lamanya tak blogging....

Lama sungguh tak menulis... been very-very busy lately...

After my Gold Coast trip, my schedule has not been back to normal... Ditambah pulak dgn trip to Pangkor 2 weekends ago with the car group buddies.

Now my kids are learning swimming on sundays, lagilah schedule packed!

I just sign up at one of the gym nearby the office, so am trying to be dicipline enough to do my exercise 3 times a week. So far so good. I have realised that my fitness level has increase a bit. At least i dont get breathless easily....

Anyway, just dropping by for a line or two...

Monday, 26th April 2010, 1.54pm

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Gold Coast Trip - March 2010

Sorry for taking my time to write this blog. My routine is still not yet back to normal since we got back from Gold Coast. Nevertheless, the trip is really worthwhile....

We started our journey thursday evening. We took the bus from KL Sentral to LCCT. We checked in as soon as we arrived, then took our dinner, then perform our solat at the surau. By the time we walked in the departure hall, our names were being called! What a way to start our vacation...

The flight was ok, but we couldn't recline our seats (well, what do you expect? cheap air tickets maaaa) so it was a bit not comfortable especially for my other half. We reached there early morning the next day. Getting into Australia was a bit 'complicated'. Security checks were quite thorough. We took a cab to our apartment which was about half an hour journey. It's a clean country, and I was very happy about that.

We reached the apartment around 10am, but our apartment was not ready yet. So we walked around, surveying theme parks tickets, bought some groceries. We were rather hungry and we saw a nice kebab stall. It was heaven! Well, day 1 of the kebab was always nice! By Day 5, we were sick of it already!!!! Here are some pictures of our apartment....

After window shopping for the theme park tickets as well as transportation to the theme parks, we did some calculation and thought that renting a car would be worthwhile. So we went to the car rental shop, negotiate for a good price - $307 for 6 days, dropping off the car at Coolangatta Airport. We thought that was a good deal, so we prepared for the paperworks and stuff. The salesgirl then asked for my hubby's driver's license, and guess what? It has expired, two weeks ago!!!! I was not confident to drive in Australia, especially when my hubby is next to me, so we ended up using the public transport!

Second day, Saturday, we went to Movieworld. Actually, the mother was more excited than the kids!!! Best la, got to meet Batman, Austin Powers, Marilyn Manroe, Shrek, Scooby Dooby Doo Team, Bugs Bunny, The Justice League, Catwomen. However, I didn't get to go on the rides (yes, sooo rugi of me right? but I got no kaki!!!!!)

Third day, Sunday, we went to Carrara Market. That was not so bad. I met a friend there, a friend that I don't get to meet in Malaysia. Such a small world huh??? After Carrara Market, we took the Superduck ride. It's a bus but can be converted to a boat. So the tour was at first on the road, then into the water, then back on the road. It was quite an experience! The good thing was that there were only us and another local couple on the bus, so it was rather a VIP trip.

Forth day, Monday, we went to Seaworld. That was nice. I loved the dolphin show. It really touched my heart to see the relationship of the trainer and the dolphin. The relationship is so genuine and the dolphins were really 'manja' with it's trainer. The sea lion show was also good. My kids enjoyed themselves there. Then we went to Pacific Fair, just to look at the places where the locals go and shop. At Surfers Paradise, things are a bit pricy as it's a pure tourist area.

Firth day, final day, Tuesday, we spend the first half of the day in Paradise Country. This was really good, the kids really get to see koala bears, kangaroos, sheeps, cows, horses. We were shown how cowboys make their tea, how they ride their horses, how they herd the sheep with the help of their dogs, they also showed us how they throw their boomerang! Not forgetting, we were showed how they sheer the sheep. After the farm tour, we did a quick shopping at Harbour Town, a place full of factory outlets. But we were too tired to shop!

Sixth day, journey back to KL day, Wednesday, as our flight was scheduled at 9.05am, we made arrangement for airport pickup at 6.30am. We were somehow quite eager to come back home actually, as we were getting homesick and missing those good food back home. As we waited at the departure hall, we could not see our plane yet even though it was nearly 9am. They then announced that our flight will be delayed by 1 hour. When the plane got to the gate, we realized that once all the passenger got off the plane, engineers started looking into the left engine. Then announcement on maintenance checks, bla bla bla.... My heart was thinking, would there be anything wrong with the plane. Waited, waited, waited. We were given lunch vouchers twice! At the end, they announced that our flight was cancelled and that we would be informed on when our plane will take off, which was either that night or the next morning. Of course accomodation, transportion and meals are provided by AirAsia for that night, but when you have put your mind to going home and didn't get what you wanted, it was quite frustrating.....

We got into our 'complementary' apartment at about 4pm. By then, we were exhausted! We were then informed that our plane will take off at 11.20am the next morning. The thing is, the plane had some defect and they had to wait for the next morning flight from Malaysia to bring the part. Then the engineer will fix the defect in the engine, and we will fly back happily ever after! Well, not! I wouldn't want to fly in that plane!!!! So, what we did was, we took the first bus to the airport, and tried to check in into the daily scheduled flight back to KL, and thank God, we managed to squeeze in, even though we got the last rows of seats! I was glad that I didn't have to take the faulty plane back home, if not it will be a torturous 8 hour journey!!

In all, the trip was really, really great. Everybody had fun. But now, we have to really, really work hard, as our pockets are empty!

Tuesday, 6th April 2010,

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

In Memory.... HAZLIN JAMIL, my ex-MRSM buddy....

On 17th March, 2010 around 11.30pm, Hazlin passed away, after being in coma for a week or so.... It was one of the most devastating news I have ever gotten in my life so far....

Hazlin, as I know her, was a happy-go-lucky person. She was not afraid of being herself. She was one of my best buddy in MRSM Perlis. She always walk like a rockers, with her ponytail and she didn't care what people say or talk about her.

Not many knew that she was suffering with SLE. I only gotten to know about it when friends were informing about her coma. In fact, one of my friend who were still in contact with her recently didn't know! Being her, she didn't want people to know about her condition even she was already being admitted to SJMC in Feb. That was Hazlin.....

I wanted to visit her last Saturday, but I didn't have the guts to see her in that condition. Yes, it is selfish of me, but I just wanted to remember her as what I know her in MRSM. I am sorry Hazlin, for not being at your bedside when you were struggling in CCU. Please forgive me. But my doa was always for you....

I hope her husband will be strong during this time of hardness for the sake of her son who is just 9 years old! My prayers are for her family...

May Allah place her with those who are beriman....


~Xena in the mourning~
18th March, 2010

Monday, 15 March 2010

Family Vacation 2010

EEEEEEeeeeee Can't wait!!!!

In two days time, we are off to the Gold Coast... a long waited vacation, just the 4 of us!

~excited Xena~
16th March 2010, 11.39am

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Ya Allah! Kau selamatkanlah kawan ku.....

My old friend is in a coma now.... I am very worried and sad. She is an old friend, a friend whom I have not met since 1990. She was one of my good buddies when I was in boarding school, and now I heard such bad news about her....

Give her strength, Ya Allah!

~so low Xena~

Monday, 1 March 2010


- Hurt
- Sad
- Dissapointed
- Unfairness
- Selfish
- Ego

All these negative feeling is killing me. So, please go away negative feelings. Go far, far away.....

Look at the bigger picture....
Be the bigger person.....
Look at the positive side....
Look at the bright side...
Don't just think of your feelings only.....
See those happy faces.....

I'm sure all has been considered including our feelings
I'm sure there is a good reason to it
I'm sure it will benefit everybody
I'm sure it was not easy
I'm sure it was for the best of everybody
I'm sure, I'm sure, I'm sure....

May Allah bless me always.....

~Self consoling Xena~
Tuesday, 2nd March 2010, 9.38am

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Our dearest teacher, Ms Srina...

Ms Srina was our (my hubby and I!) class teacher when we were standard 6. Yes, my other half and I were classmates when we were in standard 6 and that's another story. Let's concentrate on the topic here please! Ms. Srina was the best teacher that we could ever had! At that time, she just got out from her training and she was full of enthusiasm. Both me and my husband thought very highly of her until now. So, a few times my hubby mentioned that he wants to meet up with our teacher. To add up, last December, a few old friends stirred up some moments and brought us back into nostalgia in FB that it gave me the strong urge to find back our Ms. Srina.

So, what I did was, I googled her. Yes, I actually typed her name in Google Search, and walla, I found a blog that mentioned her name! The blog is by a men who teaches in Sek Men Tinggi Setapak, who listed Ms. Srina as one of the teacher in charge for an event he was writting about. My heart beats faster, as I know that she is actually from Ayer Panas, Setapak and this information I get sounds so realistic for it to be her.

So, I googled again, for Sek Men Tinggi Setapak, just to search for an address or telephone number, and guess what? It so happen that the school has an official website. My hearts beats even faster! I went into the website and it so happen that they publish the teacher's photo in the website!!!! I slowly search for Ms. Srina, and I found her! By then I was already 99% sure that I have found her.

I double check with my other friends, if I have gotten the right person, by emailing the photo to my friends, and all of my friends said it is her! So the next thing I did was to call up the school. Unfortunately, it was the school holidays and I needed to wait till schools open. Woaaa I tell you, the waiting till January was really, really stressful. My adrenaline was pumping and pumping throughout...

Then January comes.... My hubby and me took leave to settle our kids school things and we tried calling the school by then. The operator had problems connecting us to her because she is located in the Form 6's building which does not have a telephone line yet. We were getting impatient already and we decided to just go to the school and find her. We reached the staff room, and looked for her, and when we introduced ourselves, she was histerical! It was the moment!!!! We were just thrilled to meet her.... We exchanged handphone numbers and email addresses, and she informed us that she is in FB as well.

I immediately arranged for a reunion, for our class, Class 6E 1985, Sek Ren Keb Selayang Baru. We had it last Sunday, 21st February 2010 at Boraque Kopitiam. We had a blast! I am soooo happy and proud of myself and my hubby.....

We love you Ms. Srina!!!!

~proud Xena~
Thursday, 25th February 2010, 4.00pm

My CNY break....Cameron Highland Trip!

Saturday 13th February 2010, we went to Cameron Highlands, with my in laws. It was a nice trip, the whole family went, my mother in law, 1st brother in law with wife and family, 2nd brother in law with wife and family, and us. I kind of enjoy my trips to Cameron Highlands as it's one of my favourite holiday destination. I don't mind going there again and again, I just love that place!

The journey to Cameron Highland was obviously challengging because the traffic was really, really bad, due to the long weekend and CNY. However, we managed to survive and reached our apartment around 1pm. The apartment we rented was also a nice apartment, with complete facilities from the kitchen to the bedroom. We were quite please with the apartment. As soon as we reached the apartment, we straight away cooked lunch. After filling up our fuel tank, we went to pluck some strawberry and eat some strawberry ice cream. My niece has a friend there, who manages her family business. The kids had fun plucking the strawberries and of course they enjoyed the ice cream. After that, we went to the night market. The night market has really expended since we last went there, 1.5 years ago!

The next day, we cooked brunch, and after brunch at about 12 noon, we checked out from the apartment. We visited the park nearby, which was a exciting as the kids get to see various type of plants with its fruits. A quite knowledgable experience for the kids and the adults!

Here are some photos.....

The journey back is another challenge! From Tanah Rata to Brinchang, it took us almost 2 hours!!! So, the major learnings from this trip, never, ever plan a trip to Cameron Highlands on a school holidays!

My next trip here? Hmmmm would love to come back... I think I might influence my siblings and parent to spend a night here....


Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Mixed feeling.....

It's been a while since I scribbled anything here. Actually, I wanted to update about my CNY holidays, but that can wait I guess... Wait till I got the chance to upload the pictures ok?

Today is our second day surviving with my other half being across the other side of the globe. Actually, I have always been the strong one in the family and always been seen as the tough one. However, this time round I seem to lose the battle. Mothers when it comes to their children, they lose. Why is that ya????

My hubby rarely travels, and if he does, it will be within Malaysia for 1-2 days, which most of the time, we will tag along with him. So my kids are so not use to having their father away for a long time and somewhere really far-far away. Plus that now the kids are bigger and they questions so many things in life, things I sometime can't answer. A few days before he left, I had my chat with my girl and request her to be strong, for her father. I think she understands. She tries to be strong in front of her father. But my son, I didn't had the chat because I thought that he is too small for that. I guess my thinking was wrong! I should have spoken to him at least 1 day before. At first he thought that his father is just going to work like any other day, but it stucked him when he saw me packing his father's things. That is when he realised that his father is going to work somewhere else that need the father to be away for a few days. Poor thing, he broke down before going to sleep!

Anyway, they are ok now, but my girl is still gloomy. My son is rather ok now. I have to keep them occupied this long weekend. A lot have been planned already, things that I planned a few weeks back. Thursday night will be IKEA's Meatball Nite with some good friends and their kids. Friday is still unsure, because of some last minute changes (SHUCKS!), but for sure it will be a water activity, be it the pool of a good friend's condo or Sunway Lagoon. Actually, I have promised my kids that we are going to hang around their good friend's condo and laze around the pool the whole day, but somehow plans changed. I have not told the kids yet, still figuring out how to do it diplomatically. But I guess a replacement of that with Sunway Lagoon would probably compensate, I hope!

Friends are persuading my to join them to PD, but I dont think that is a good idea at the moment. I want a weekend which is quiet, non-hectic, less socialising activity with my kids and limited good friends only. Somehow I am rather tired of these socialising among big group of friends, because too many people, too many behaviour, some I agree with, some I don't and to survive in such situation, I have to be pretentious, and it's hard work and sickening! That is why I choose to be with my friends whom I am very sure can get along with....

Saturday will be movie day and Sunday will be Kenduri day with my in laws.

Next week my kids are having their TEST 1 week. And hopefully time flies for them, so that I don't have to answer their question, 'Bila abah nak balik?'

~gloomy Xena~
Wednesday, 24th February 2010, 9.59am

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Learning curve....

Everyday is a learning curve. Even though I have been married for 13 years, but till today there are so many new things I learned about my life partner, about parenting, about marriage and about life. Learning can be fun, can be painful. But whatever it is, we have to accept the facts of life and try not to make the same mistakes again. Mistakes can be mistakes that can hurt your other half, or mistakes that can hurt yourself. Today I learned something new, that not all can be said out. There are certain things that we just have to keep to ourselves and just swallow it.....

~wiser Xena~
Wednesday, 17-Feb-10, 10.40am

Thursday, 11 February 2010

What I hate about people....

I hate people who are hypocrites.....
In front, like an angel, but in actual fact, full of hatred, negatism in their hearts. When among friends, like he is the most perfect person on earth, like he loves his wife and children, but at home he is actually a lion, short tempered, shouts and curse the wife and kids, show tantrum and stuff. And for the women, in front of others like she is the most perfect wife and mother ever, but at home is a control friek. The husband does his own thing like making sure food is on the table, cleaning the house, and the wife acts like the Queen of the house, like the Queen of England! Kids are taken care by the husband....

I hate people who are pretentious.......
In the eyes of their friends, he/she is a good person. Everyone else has got something wrong with their thinking and action. Everyone else's principle is not right, only his/her principle is correct and perfect. But behind us, he/she does unethical things. He/she likes to give advices to friends to show he/she is a good person, but him/she himself/herself does not practice what he/she preaches.

I hate people who can't stand seeing other people happy....
These are envious people. They are just not happy seeing others happy.

I hate people who is too sensitive of something too petty....

I hate people who has double standards....

I hate people who is selfish and only thinks of himself/herself....

I hate people who just like to complain, complain and complain...

I hate people who just whine, whine, whine and whine....

I hate people who does not see the big picture of their other half...

I hate people who expect us to change, but they themselves does not want to change for us....

I hate people who just refuse to put their feet in other people's shoes...

I hate people who likes to lie to their partners just to cover their assess!

~hateful Xena~
Friday, 12th February 2010, 10.00am
Last Tuesday, the plant at my office had their EHS day. We were invited to attend it as we are part of the organisation, eventhough different legal entity. We were suppose to gather at the auditorium, then suddenly the emergency bell rang continuously, which indicate we have to evacuate the building ASAP and perform the routine things we need to do when there is an emergency.

At the assembly place, there was a something like a bbq pit, being set on fire. Then, (here comes the drama!), the fire truck came with siren howling away.... waaaaa... I was excited to see the Abang Bomba....They rush to the fire and obviously was responsible to put the fire away.... that was the opening gimic/gambit for our EHS day.... Drama kan???

Anyway, we had fun....

Also, I did something that I may be proud of myself... I registered myself as an Organ Donor. They had a counter open at the office in conjuction with EHS day, together with MAKNA, WWF, blood donation. It was really a great feeling, seeing the company actually encourage doing charity works. I was really pround of myself. I hope my family will support me in this matter....

~proud Xena~
Thursday, 11th Feb 2010, 4.55pm

Monday, 8 February 2010

On friendships....

A lot I have learnt about friendships. Almost 37 years of living, so much that I have learnt.....

I have leart that, there are friends who are loyal, good and supportive. They be at your side no matter what. This are what we call Good Friends... Best Friend Forever (BFF what the youngster call it now!)

I have learnt that, there are friends who are nice to be with but behind us there are the most evil person on earth! These are people who have envy in their hearts and these type of people can just be friends but not good friends.

I have learnt that, there are friends who aren't at our side at all times, seldom calls us, but we know, we have a place in their hearts. I have loads of these type of friends, and they are mostly my girlfriends from MRSM Perlis. We meet up once in a while, have good dinner while gossipping and chit chatting about our lives. Even though after the get-together we will be back to our normal routine life, but we know, in our hearts these are the people we can count on when life sucks! Thanks people for being my best buddies....

And I have also learnt that, there are people who claims to be our friend, but treat us like shit! These are just selfish bitches who just think about themselves. They don't know how to take care of another friend's feeling, don't know how to treasure friendships, and say whatever that want to say, just because they want it out of their system. They don't care if whatever they have said and done has actually hurt the our feelings. The best part is that this type of people, never admits their mistakes and it is always other people's mistake. This type of person, will never be a friend to me, but just a mere acquintance.

These are some of the lesson learnt so far..... What friend are you to me?????

Tuesday, 9th February 2010, 11.18am

Kalau dia ikut camne????

Adoi!!!! Kalau dia ikut, habis spoil plan kami......

Huhuhuhuuhuh... I hope she won't join us....

~Cold hearted Xena~

Sunday, 7 February 2010

What a weekend (6/2/10 - 7/2/10)

Monday, 8th February 2010, 3.57pm

Nothing much happenned last weekend, except for it was my son's birthday yesterday. He has turnned 7. He was beaming since morning and when asked for what he wanted for his birthday, of course the answer would be 'Mainan!'....

We went to KLCC to survey some toys, and as usual he could not decide. So Nabeel of him! At the end, he managed to find something in Toy's'ur. I am sure he's happy with the new toy, as his Optimus Prime slept with him that night.

It was a short trip to KLCC, but we had fun. Good lunch and good short, fast shopping/window shopping. We also went back home early as the crowd in KLCC was increasing by the minute!

Liyana? As usual, bukan boleh adiknya beli apa-apa... She got herself a book! Me and my other half? Hmmmm.... we're eyeing for a new watch. Still surveying....


Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A message to myself....

For the sake of my soul, I need to learn to accept. I have been telling myself so many, many times already, but somehow, being a Taurean, I can't help it by being stubborn!

So, please learn to accept that it is like that. The fact can not be changed. This is how it is suppose to be. Just accept it. Once I learn to accept it, then it wont be painful anymore. Things are just painful because we tend to resist the course of nature. Resistance causes friction. Life is like that and we can't make a difference to the norm. The norm is like that. Everybody face the same thing. I am not the odd one out, and don't try to be different because it will just hurt you more.

Look at the bigger picture. Concentrate on your kids and make sure they get the best and appropriate attention you can give to them. Spend time with them and give them as much love you can give. Perform my responsibilities as a wife and mother as good as possible without expecting anything in return, that is called "KEIKHLASAN". I need to learn, accept and practice.....

~trying to be positive Xena~

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Oh ya... talking about new ride....

Oh ya, and I almost forgot...

My beloved just got his new ride yesterday... I am so glad and happy to see him happy, despite the unfortunate minor thing that happenned before he reached home. Sabar... dugaan itu semua!

So, I hope he is happy with his new ride.....

~happy Xena~

The smell of a new car.... hmmmmm

Went out for lunch with my normal lunch gang. Ms L got a her new car yesterday evening, so we force her to drive us out. Bestnya bau keta baru!!!!

It was the Myvi SE, the car which I almost took when I was looking for a new car 1.5 years ago. Ok la, spacious, but I think I like my Blue Ladybug better....

~content Xena~

Monday, 1 February 2010

2010 Resipe.... Maybe it's not too late!

Got this from a friend.....



Health :

1. Drink plenty of water.
2. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.
3. Eat more foods that grow on trees and plants and eat less food that is manufactured in plants..
4. Live with the 3 E's -- Energy, Enthusiasm and Empathy.
5. Make time to pray.
6. Play more games.
7. Read more books than you did in 2009 .
8. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day.
9. Sleep for 7 hours.
10. Take a 10-30 minute walk daily. And while you walk, smile.

Personality :

11. Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.
12. Don't have negative thoughts or things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment.
13. Don't overdo. Keep your limits.
14. Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does.
15. Don't waste your precious energy on gossip.
16. Dream more while you are awake.
17. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need..
18. Forget issues of the past. Don't remind your partner with His/her mistakes of the past. That will ruin your present happiness.
19. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. Don't hate others.
20. Make peace with your past so it won't spoil the present.
21. No one is in charge of your happiness except you.
22. Realize that life is a school and you are here to learn. Problems are simply part of the curriculum that appear and fade away like algebra class but the lessons you learn will last a lifetime.
23. Smile and laugh more.
24. You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree...

Society :

25. Call your family often.
26. Each day give something good to others.
27. Forgive everyone for everything..
28. Spend time w/ people over the age of 70 & under the age of 6.
29. Try to make at least three people smile each day.
30. What other people think of you is none of your business.
31. Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Your friends will. Stay in touch.

Life :

32. Do the right thing!
33. Get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful.
34. GOD heals everything.
35. However good or bad a situation is, it will change..
36. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.
37. The best is yet to come..
38. When you awake alive in the morning, thank GOD for it.
39. Your Inner most is always happy. So, be happy.


Sunday, 31 January 2010

How to ignore this pain?

My heart's just aching.... how do I make it stop???

Being secondary is just not nice....

~Second class citizen Xena~

Men are like kites....

Someone once told me, 'Men are like kites.... we have to let go, but when there are wondering about too far away, we have to pull them back'

Betul ke?

When we pull too strong, we are too controlling...
When we let go too long, they wonder about and give reason as to why they wonder around...

I am totally confused!

~confused Xena~

What a hectic weekend it has been!

Where shall I start???

Thursday - went to pick up my other half's relatives at LCCT. Quite a long wait, and then we hit to Putrajaya for lunch. After dinner, my other half had to send his cousin to meet up with her friend in Kajang. I couldn't follow as I had to babysit my kids as it was a school night.

Friday - I brought my other half's cousin to one teaching hospital, to settle and gather some information about her fellowship application. That took almost 1 day. That night, we meet up with our car group friends and as usual we got home around 1.30am.

Saturday - Brought the relatives to Jalan TAR, shopping! That was half a day... my other half was busy with his car group buddies. Oh ya, my brother's wife delivered her third girl this morning and we were suppose to visit her at the hospital. However, as both of us were too busy with other things, my sister in law has been discharged from the hospital before we managed to go to visit her in the hospital. So, we visited her at my mum's that night. Such an adorable baby.... so cute!

Sunday - my other half has to work this morning, so I took the opportunity to settle my laundry. Since the relatives came, my schedule has gone hay-wired! But I managed to fold all the cleaned clothes.... In the afternoon, we went to 1 Utama, to collect my hubby's watch. Too many people at 1 Utama, that we just went back after we had lunch and collected the watch. Went to my in law for a while and then back home. That night, my other half went to his TT session....

Today - Such a drag to go to office today. My other half is on leave today. Since both of us have been rather busy lately, we planned for a good massage during lunchtime. I was hoping for a good lunch together but when I meet him at our meeting place, he informed me that his car buddy ask him out later after the massage. Oh well, there goes my lunch date! Sabo je lah....

Ok la, I gotta go now. Have to settle some application and I will be shooting off to the Ministry office soon.


~tired but refreshed Xena~

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

My weekend has come!

Hehehe... tomorrow I am on leave, and Friday is a replacement leave at my office. At my current office, the practice is that if a public holiday falls on a Saturday, a replacement leave will be given the friday before. Great isn't it?

Tomorrow, my hubby's cousin and aunty are arriving from 'Seberang', so my hubby and I took leave, to fetch them from the airport. Can't wait to see them!

Gonna be a hectic and busy weekend....

~excited Xena~

Sunday, 24 January 2010

I am just tired....

Sigh…. Tired with all this…

I am an expressive person… I say what I think is right and what I think is wrong. Some people may not be able to accept this. But this is who I am. Either you take it or leave it.

It’s really quite frustrating when you have tried your very best to accommodate other people’s need and requirement, but yet it is still not enough. Maybe my best is not best enough? I don’t know how much more I must do because I think this is my limit already, this is my best already…...

I think I must shup up my bloody mouth… speak when spoken to, and don’t ever give my opinion no matter what! I think I will do that from now on…. People tend to misinterpretate whatever that comes out from my mouth so better shut up!

~A new Xena~

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Major changes in my life in 2010

2010 is a rather challenging year for me. My son is now in Standard 1 and we put him in the same school as his sister. Since two kids are in the same school, we thought that it would be best that I send them to school and pick them up from school. You see, my kid's school is on the way to my office. A lot of $ is saved by doing this because one kid will cost RM190/month for transportation, and babysitter cost will be approximately RM300/month!

The first 2 weeks was really challenging, as the kids are still unused to waking up early after 1.5 month of school holiday. But now I think all of us have gotten the hang of it.

In one way, it is tiring and a bit rushing. I need to ensure my work is done and finished on time as I need to leave the office sharp 5pm. Unlike last year, I can still hang around the office until 6.30pm. But in another way, I find that I am bonding with the kids even more now. Half hour to school, and half hour back from school in the car with them, I can catch up with their stories and chat with them. Then, as I reach home rather early, I also have the opportunity to cook dinner for the family, which I have not been doing for quite sometime. More $ are being saved here!!!! While cooking, I also have time to get my laundry done bit by bit, unlike previously where I can only do the laundry during the weekend. It's quite satisfactory actually!

On a separate note, I got head-huntered yesterday. Well, this is not the first time. Since I joined my current company, I think there were about 5-6 job opportunity that came to my doorstep, but I rejected all of it because of the location. I love my current office location, it's not that far from my kid's school, JJ is just 5 minutes away, KLCC 15 minutes away... and most importantly, the traffic to office is excellento! Secondly, this company which I am working with right now has always been my dream company. It's hard to move away from this place.

The head-hunter lady insisted that I try to at least go for the 1st interview, which at the end I decided, why not! Sigh... I don't know la... the offer is too great to pass, but the location of the office is Section 13 PJ. If I take this offer, my salary will increase by 20%, but I will lose the bonding time I have with my kids. And traveling to the office will be a bit of a stress factor in my life as for sure I will face the horrendous traffic jams! I have to think this carefully.....

~unsure Xena~

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Eeerrrrrr.......Why people like to 'cucuk'?

Can't help to be emotional about this topic, but MASJID BARU jokes are not funny!!!!

I simply don't understand. People just like to 'cucuk' others kan? Maybe it's trilling to see others fall apart.

Most of the time, one do something because of being challenged or dared by friends. But friends who are truly good friends won't dare or challenge or encourage another to do stupid things or things that are not right, right?

Don't know la... I am really, really pissed!

~really-really pissed Xena~

Hoping for the best today....

Today is my other half's birthday. Wished him Happy Birthday this morning and my son actually called his father using his newly bought handphone while on the way to school, just to wish his father Happy Birthday (see, how well I raise my son! ahaks!).

The plan today is to have a family dinner but haven't decided where yet. I hope things go on well today and that he will have a wonderful day today at work.

Happy Birthday Bang....


Monday, 18 January 2010

Today's scribble....

Alone at home...

My other half went out to repair my Blue Ladybug's rear left tyre. On the DUKE highway just now, on my way to pick up the kids, near Setiawangsa, my left side of the car made noice... Tang, Tang, Tang, Tang... then ketung! Like something just threw off the tyre. I panicked, and wanted to stop over by the road side, but there was no safe area to stop. So I carried on very slowly, hoping I find some good spot to stop over. Could not find any and ended up at my kid's school.

There, I realised that my tyre has gone flat! I don't know what I have drove onto, but definitely has caused the tyre to gone 'pancit'. While I was on the phone with my hubby (he adviced me to call AAM, which I almost did!), a guy came to me. A quite pleasent and decent guy. I thought he was one of the school staff. He said, 'Tayar pancit?'. I said, 'Ha ah... tadi kat DUKE Highway ada macam bunyi bising, tapi sekejap. I still carry on sebab tak de tempat sesuai nak berhenti.' 'Hmmm rosak rim tu nanti. Ada tyre spare?' Alamak! I wasn't sure where the spare tyre is located! I called my hubby again. 'Spare tyre kat mana ek?' My hubby explain where and by that time the guy was already jacking my car. I was soooo glad that guy was there. He was really, really helpful. I was feeling guilty as I did not help him a bit, well, what can I help? After he has finished the task, I could only thank him....thanked him a lot!!!! Whoever you are, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

It shows that there are still good people in this world. I never thought I could come across to one. All these while, I only notices the bad guys... the people who have done unpleasant things in their lives, and it really made my day to actually see there is a good guy after all.

To be honest, I am feeling rather low because before I went back home, I had a chat with my good friend. She needed to talk so she called me. I really, really feel sorry for her because she is at the lowest moment now. She is having some problems and she doesn't know what to do. I can only hear her out as her problems are really-really deep, something that she must settle herself. I can give her simple advice and listen to her while she vent out her frustration but that is about all that I could do. I wish I could be more of a help to her, but I can't interfere with her problems too much. It's a delicate matter and I may not give the right advice to her.

I can't help thinking about her. I have never seen her so low before. For me, I get upset to see other people upset. May Allah give her strength to pull this through.....

~concerned Xena~

2010 so far....

It has been a while since I last wrote here. Been very-very busy lately, adjusting myself to the new year, a new circle of life…

What has happened so far?

Well, firstly, my son has entered a new era in his schooling life… Standard 1! I took leave on 4th, 5th and 6th, just to check on him and settle whatever I need to settle regarding school of my two kids. Before that, 1st and 2nd January, my son had his orientation days. It was ok as the kids were showed around the school, placed into temporary classes, took their placement test. After the placement test, the children were immediately segregated into their actual classes. My son is totally not like my daughter. Well, I guess, different kids have different level and their paces are not the same. I have to learn to accept that and not comparing my son with my daughter. I don’t expect him to be in the first class but I was a bit disappointed that he was in the third class. However, I did my mental evaluation about the situation, and realised that he is actually average, which is actually ok. So, I am ok about it.

During the 3 days of my leave, my hubby also took leave. Basically, we had the time to catch up with one another. I was rather happy with the whole thing because very seldom that we get the chance to be just the two of us… most of the time is always 4, 3 (me and kids) or more (with his car group geng!).

The second day of leave, 5th January, after sending the kids off to school, we didn’t know what to do. We drove around town just to kill time, as the kids were to be picked up around 3.30pm. Thinkg and thinking in the car, then it stroke us! Actually, we were looking for our standard 6 teacher, Ms. Srina for quite some time and during the school holidays; I managed to Googled her and found out that she is teaching in Sekolah Menengah Tinggi Setapak. We decided to meet her up at her school. It was really satisfying to be able to meet her after 25 years. She was very happy about it, and we took photos with her.

We will be arranging for a Re-union for our Standard 6 classmates soon and really can’t wait for that!

The week ends with no major events i.e. my son was ok with his new school and environment. But of course I have bribed him! I promised him that if he went to school like any good boy, then we will go for bowling that Sunday. So, you could guess what we did that Sunday lah!

My 2010 so far has been very hectic. My schedule has changed tremendously. Now I have to pick the kids from school every day, which mean that sharp 5pm I have to leave the office. This would also mean that I have to settle my work during office hours, unlike before; I tend to go back late to catch up with work. The thing is, during office hours there are a lot of interruptions from other departments, seeking my advice and consultation, leading to my own work being neglected. But I guess I have to learn to manage my time accordingly. This year also I will be preparing food for dinner instead of eating out as the kids get hungry once they are back from school. So far I have been doing well, but I hope I will maintain my sanity…. Hehehehehe…. God, give me strength….