Thursday, 11 February 2010

Last Tuesday, the plant at my office had their EHS day. We were invited to attend it as we are part of the organisation, eventhough different legal entity. We were suppose to gather at the auditorium, then suddenly the emergency bell rang continuously, which indicate we have to evacuate the building ASAP and perform the routine things we need to do when there is an emergency.

At the assembly place, there was a something like a bbq pit, being set on fire. Then, (here comes the drama!), the fire truck came with siren howling away.... waaaaa... I was excited to see the Abang Bomba....They rush to the fire and obviously was responsible to put the fire away.... that was the opening gimic/gambit for our EHS day.... Drama kan???

Anyway, we had fun....

Also, I did something that I may be proud of myself... I registered myself as an Organ Donor. They had a counter open at the office in conjuction with EHS day, together with MAKNA, WWF, blood donation. It was really a great feeling, seeing the company actually encourage doing charity works. I was really pround of myself. I hope my family will support me in this matter....

~proud Xena~
Thursday, 11th Feb 2010, 4.55pm

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