Sunday, 7 February 2010

What a weekend (6/2/10 - 7/2/10)

Monday, 8th February 2010, 3.57pm

Nothing much happenned last weekend, except for it was my son's birthday yesterday. He has turnned 7. He was beaming since morning and when asked for what he wanted for his birthday, of course the answer would be 'Mainan!'....

We went to KLCC to survey some toys, and as usual he could not decide. So Nabeel of him! At the end, he managed to find something in Toy's'ur. I am sure he's happy with the new toy, as his Optimus Prime slept with him that night.

It was a short trip to KLCC, but we had fun. Good lunch and good short, fast shopping/window shopping. We also went back home early as the crowd in KLCC was increasing by the minute!

Liyana? As usual, bukan boleh adiknya beli apa-apa... She got herself a book! Me and my other half? Hmmmm.... we're eyeing for a new watch. Still surveying....


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