Monday, 8 February 2010

On friendships....

A lot I have learnt about friendships. Almost 37 years of living, so much that I have learnt.....

I have leart that, there are friends who are loyal, good and supportive. They be at your side no matter what. This are what we call Good Friends... Best Friend Forever (BFF what the youngster call it now!)

I have learnt that, there are friends who are nice to be with but behind us there are the most evil person on earth! These are people who have envy in their hearts and these type of people can just be friends but not good friends.

I have learnt that, there are friends who aren't at our side at all times, seldom calls us, but we know, we have a place in their hearts. I have loads of these type of friends, and they are mostly my girlfriends from MRSM Perlis. We meet up once in a while, have good dinner while gossipping and chit chatting about our lives. Even though after the get-together we will be back to our normal routine life, but we know, in our hearts these are the people we can count on when life sucks! Thanks people for being my best buddies....

And I have also learnt that, there are people who claims to be our friend, but treat us like shit! These are just selfish bitches who just think about themselves. They don't know how to take care of another friend's feeling, don't know how to treasure friendships, and say whatever that want to say, just because they want it out of their system. They don't care if whatever they have said and done has actually hurt the our feelings. The best part is that this type of people, never admits their mistakes and it is always other people's mistake. This type of person, will never be a friend to me, but just a mere acquintance.

These are some of the lesson learnt so far..... What friend are you to me?????

Tuesday, 9th February 2010, 11.18am

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