Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A message to myself....

For the sake of my soul, I need to learn to accept. I have been telling myself so many, many times already, but somehow, being a Taurean, I can't help it by being stubborn!

So, please learn to accept that it is like that. The fact can not be changed. This is how it is suppose to be. Just accept it. Once I learn to accept it, then it wont be painful anymore. Things are just painful because we tend to resist the course of nature. Resistance causes friction. Life is like that and we can't make a difference to the norm. The norm is like that. Everybody face the same thing. I am not the odd one out, and don't try to be different because it will just hurt you more.

Look at the bigger picture. Concentrate on your kids and make sure they get the best and appropriate attention you can give to them. Spend time with them and give them as much love you can give. Perform my responsibilities as a wife and mother as good as possible without expecting anything in return, that is called "KEIKHLASAN". I need to learn, accept and practice.....

~trying to be positive Xena~


  1. betul tu kaklong.. resistence will only make things worse.. when the thing is just out of our control, embracing it would make it better for us at least..

  2. Totally agree with you. Sometimes we just have to be like that for the sake of our soul.