Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Mixed feeling.....

It's been a while since I scribbled anything here. Actually, I wanted to update about my CNY holidays, but that can wait I guess... Wait till I got the chance to upload the pictures ok?

Today is our second day surviving with my other half being across the other side of the globe. Actually, I have always been the strong one in the family and always been seen as the tough one. However, this time round I seem to lose the battle. Mothers when it comes to their children, they lose. Why is that ya????

My hubby rarely travels, and if he does, it will be within Malaysia for 1-2 days, which most of the time, we will tag along with him. So my kids are so not use to having their father away for a long time and somewhere really far-far away. Plus that now the kids are bigger and they questions so many things in life, things I sometime can't answer. A few days before he left, I had my chat with my girl and request her to be strong, for her father. I think she understands. She tries to be strong in front of her father. But my son, I didn't had the chat because I thought that he is too small for that. I guess my thinking was wrong! I should have spoken to him at least 1 day before. At first he thought that his father is just going to work like any other day, but it stucked him when he saw me packing his father's things. That is when he realised that his father is going to work somewhere else that need the father to be away for a few days. Poor thing, he broke down before going to sleep!

Anyway, they are ok now, but my girl is still gloomy. My son is rather ok now. I have to keep them occupied this long weekend. A lot have been planned already, things that I planned a few weeks back. Thursday night will be IKEA's Meatball Nite with some good friends and their kids. Friday is still unsure, because of some last minute changes (SHUCKS!), but for sure it will be a water activity, be it the pool of a good friend's condo or Sunway Lagoon. Actually, I have promised my kids that we are going to hang around their good friend's condo and laze around the pool the whole day, but somehow plans changed. I have not told the kids yet, still figuring out how to do it diplomatically. But I guess a replacement of that with Sunway Lagoon would probably compensate, I hope!

Friends are persuading my to join them to PD, but I dont think that is a good idea at the moment. I want a weekend which is quiet, non-hectic, less socialising activity with my kids and limited good friends only. Somehow I am rather tired of these socialising among big group of friends, because too many people, too many behaviour, some I agree with, some I don't and to survive in such situation, I have to be pretentious, and it's hard work and sickening! That is why I choose to be with my friends whom I am very sure can get along with....

Saturday will be movie day and Sunday will be Kenduri day with my in laws.

Next week my kids are having their TEST 1 week. And hopefully time flies for them, so that I don't have to answer their question, 'Bila abah nak balik?'

~gloomy Xena~
Wednesday, 24th February 2010, 9.59am

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