Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Our dearest teacher, Ms Srina...

Ms Srina was our (my hubby and I!) class teacher when we were standard 6. Yes, my other half and I were classmates when we were in standard 6 and that's another story. Let's concentrate on the topic here please! Ms. Srina was the best teacher that we could ever had! At that time, she just got out from her training and she was full of enthusiasm. Both me and my husband thought very highly of her until now. So, a few times my hubby mentioned that he wants to meet up with our teacher. To add up, last December, a few old friends stirred up some moments and brought us back into nostalgia in FB that it gave me the strong urge to find back our Ms. Srina.

So, what I did was, I googled her. Yes, I actually typed her name in Google Search, and walla, I found a blog that mentioned her name! The blog is by a men who teaches in Sek Men Tinggi Setapak, who listed Ms. Srina as one of the teacher in charge for an event he was writting about. My heart beats faster, as I know that she is actually from Ayer Panas, Setapak and this information I get sounds so realistic for it to be her.

So, I googled again, for Sek Men Tinggi Setapak, just to search for an address or telephone number, and guess what? It so happen that the school has an official website. My hearts beats even faster! I went into the website and it so happen that they publish the teacher's photo in the website!!!! I slowly search for Ms. Srina, and I found her! By then I was already 99% sure that I have found her.

I double check with my other friends, if I have gotten the right person, by emailing the photo to my friends, and all of my friends said it is her! So the next thing I did was to call up the school. Unfortunately, it was the school holidays and I needed to wait till schools open. Woaaa I tell you, the waiting till January was really, really stressful. My adrenaline was pumping and pumping throughout...

Then January comes.... My hubby and me took leave to settle our kids school things and we tried calling the school by then. The operator had problems connecting us to her because she is located in the Form 6's building which does not have a telephone line yet. We were getting impatient already and we decided to just go to the school and find her. We reached the staff room, and looked for her, and when we introduced ourselves, she was histerical! It was the moment!!!! We were just thrilled to meet her.... We exchanged handphone numbers and email addresses, and she informed us that she is in FB as well.

I immediately arranged for a reunion, for our class, Class 6E 1985, Sek Ren Keb Selayang Baru. We had it last Sunday, 21st February 2010 at Boraque Kopitiam. We had a blast! I am soooo happy and proud of myself and my hubby.....

We love you Ms. Srina!!!!

~proud Xena~
Thursday, 25th February 2010, 4.00pm

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