Sunday, 23 May 2010

Such a party pooper!!!!

There are two types of person... One is positive and the other is negative....

Scenario: I now managed to get into a dress which was tight before and I didn't wear it before because I looked like a 'karung nangka'. So, went to 'show off' to friends in the office, in particular 2 of my lunch buddies.

The positive one: Wow! Bestnya! Alhamdulillah, you managed to lose some weight. Keep it up!

The negative one: Errr... good la, but the tummy is still buldging!

I was like, what the F***, just because you couldn't lose any weight, you just have to be bitter of other people's achievement!!!

But hey, it doesn't bother me that much (it did bother me a bit, but no, no, no, not now!). I will make the negative one life's miserable, by losing more and more weight!!!!!

~you-wait-and-see Xena~
Monday, 24th May 2010, 11.59am

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