Sunday, 9 May 2010

Why must people judge others by their appearance or the way they dress????

Last Saturday we went window shopping at Alpha Angle Wangsa Maju. I have been looking for a watch for my birthday, and I was thinking of getting myself a Tissot watch, since it's my birthday, and it's nice to treat yourself once in a while. So, in getting a rather expensive item (well, expensive for me lah!), I would rather look for it slowly, to make sure I get the one which I really-really like.

So, while browsing through the shopping complex, I went into this watch shop at the ground floor. The lady was helpful but I was quite irritated with her. I went to the Tissot cabinet, looking through, seeing which model I'd like. She was very good in recommending models no doubt; being a good sales person of course, desperate to get some sales from me, a potential buyer. Probably my next question to her must have changed her perception on me, I think. I ask, 'Is there any discount for these watches?'. Well, I always learn that we should ask in case there is a discount right?

Then she start recommending other brands of watches. She said, 'Akak cuba lah tengok Alain Delon punya jam, itu murah sikit!'. I was like, in my heart, 'errrr do I look like I can't afford a Tissot?' I was wearing a faded imitation Polo Shirt, faded jeans with just black slippers. My husband was wearing his faded black T-shirt with those secondary-school-green pants with those pockets at the sides of the knees. My kids were dressed up equally bad as their parents.

'Tak pe', I said to myself, 'Kita kasi chance....'.

I went further in the shop, scanning at other brands, pausing at the cabinet of another swiss made watch (I forgot the brandname! Maklum le, not the type who wears expensive watches!). You know what she said to me? 'Yang ini lagi mahal dari Tissot!'. I was like, WTH! I felf like slapping her! I immediately approached my husband and told him that I didn't want to buy the watch yet, especially not from this shop!

I was rather pissed. People like to judge a book by it's cover. It's really sickening....

O well, looks like I need to be pretentious to be a filthy rich person to buy a decent watch!

~Annoyed Xena~
Monday, 10th May 2010, 8.39am


  1. nasib baik u din ask if got interest free installment plan on credit cards.

  2. mydragoon = adriantai :)

    i'm suffering from ID-crisis... hahaha...

  3. Hahahah I baru realise you punya comment la!