Thursday, 6 May 2010

Project Shake - Update #1

I am, well, my hubby and I are venturing into a project which I named PROJECT SHAKE. As we are growing older, and the kids are growing up, we need to ensure our health is at the best, so that we can see our kids get into colleges, get married, have grandchildren....

We are in our day 3 of the project and so far it has been ok. I hope both of us will get through this as per plan.... Very proud of my other half actually, that he is actually going through with this.... Never thought he is a strong as this... Keep it up honey!

I have to be strong and decipline on this, as we have invested quite a bit of money... so, motivating myself with this blog, I hope that I will pull this through like soldier, I hope.

I am doing this for my kids, my husband and myself. I think it's about time that I take care of body seriously. 3 times a week of cardio workout and thank you so much to a friend, my gym buddy, Ms Eynaa as with her I get more enthusiatic to go to our step classes and our belly dances classes....

~Determined Xena~
Friday, 7th April 2010, 2.17pm

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  1. errr... this one is home made or sachets... or something else?!?