Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Gold Coast Trip - March 2010

Sorry for taking my time to write this blog. My routine is still not yet back to normal since we got back from Gold Coast. Nevertheless, the trip is really worthwhile....

We started our journey thursday evening. We took the bus from KL Sentral to LCCT. We checked in as soon as we arrived, then took our dinner, then perform our solat at the surau. By the time we walked in the departure hall, our names were being called! What a way to start our vacation...

The flight was ok, but we couldn't recline our seats (well, what do you expect? cheap air tickets maaaa) so it was a bit not comfortable especially for my other half. We reached there early morning the next day. Getting into Australia was a bit 'complicated'. Security checks were quite thorough. We took a cab to our apartment which was about half an hour journey. It's a clean country, and I was very happy about that.

We reached the apartment around 10am, but our apartment was not ready yet. So we walked around, surveying theme parks tickets, bought some groceries. We were rather hungry and we saw a nice kebab stall. It was heaven! Well, day 1 of the kebab was always nice! By Day 5, we were sick of it already!!!! Here are some pictures of our apartment....

After window shopping for the theme park tickets as well as transportation to the theme parks, we did some calculation and thought that renting a car would be worthwhile. So we went to the car rental shop, negotiate for a good price - $307 for 6 days, dropping off the car at Coolangatta Airport. We thought that was a good deal, so we prepared for the paperworks and stuff. The salesgirl then asked for my hubby's driver's license, and guess what? It has expired, two weeks ago!!!! I was not confident to drive in Australia, especially when my hubby is next to me, so we ended up using the public transport!

Second day, Saturday, we went to Movieworld. Actually, the mother was more excited than the kids!!! Best la, got to meet Batman, Austin Powers, Marilyn Manroe, Shrek, Scooby Dooby Doo Team, Bugs Bunny, The Justice League, Catwomen. However, I didn't get to go on the rides (yes, sooo rugi of me right? but I got no kaki!!!!!)

Third day, Sunday, we went to Carrara Market. That was not so bad. I met a friend there, a friend that I don't get to meet in Malaysia. Such a small world huh??? After Carrara Market, we took the Superduck ride. It's a bus but can be converted to a boat. So the tour was at first on the road, then into the water, then back on the road. It was quite an experience! The good thing was that there were only us and another local couple on the bus, so it was rather a VIP trip.

Forth day, Monday, we went to Seaworld. That was nice. I loved the dolphin show. It really touched my heart to see the relationship of the trainer and the dolphin. The relationship is so genuine and the dolphins were really 'manja' with it's trainer. The sea lion show was also good. My kids enjoyed themselves there. Then we went to Pacific Fair, just to look at the places where the locals go and shop. At Surfers Paradise, things are a bit pricy as it's a pure tourist area.

Firth day, final day, Tuesday, we spend the first half of the day in Paradise Country. This was really good, the kids really get to see koala bears, kangaroos, sheeps, cows, horses. We were shown how cowboys make their tea, how they ride their horses, how they herd the sheep with the help of their dogs, they also showed us how they throw their boomerang! Not forgetting, we were showed how they sheer the sheep. After the farm tour, we did a quick shopping at Harbour Town, a place full of factory outlets. But we were too tired to shop!

Sixth day, journey back to KL day, Wednesday, as our flight was scheduled at 9.05am, we made arrangement for airport pickup at 6.30am. We were somehow quite eager to come back home actually, as we were getting homesick and missing those good food back home. As we waited at the departure hall, we could not see our plane yet even though it was nearly 9am. They then announced that our flight will be delayed by 1 hour. When the plane got to the gate, we realized that once all the passenger got off the plane, engineers started looking into the left engine. Then announcement on maintenance checks, bla bla bla.... My heart was thinking, would there be anything wrong with the plane. Waited, waited, waited. We were given lunch vouchers twice! At the end, they announced that our flight was cancelled and that we would be informed on when our plane will take off, which was either that night or the next morning. Of course accomodation, transportion and meals are provided by AirAsia for that night, but when you have put your mind to going home and didn't get what you wanted, it was quite frustrating.....

We got into our 'complementary' apartment at about 4pm. By then, we were exhausted! We were then informed that our plane will take off at 11.20am the next morning. The thing is, the plane had some defect and they had to wait for the next morning flight from Malaysia to bring the part. Then the engineer will fix the defect in the engine, and we will fly back happily ever after! Well, not! I wouldn't want to fly in that plane!!!! So, what we did was, we took the first bus to the airport, and tried to check in into the daily scheduled flight back to KL, and thank God, we managed to squeeze in, even though we got the last rows of seats! I was glad that I didn't have to take the faulty plane back home, if not it will be a torturous 8 hour journey!!

In all, the trip was really, really great. Everybody had fun. But now, we have to really, really work hard, as our pockets are empty!

Tuesday, 6th April 2010,

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