Saturday, 23 January 2010

Major changes in my life in 2010

2010 is a rather challenging year for me. My son is now in Standard 1 and we put him in the same school as his sister. Since two kids are in the same school, we thought that it would be best that I send them to school and pick them up from school. You see, my kid's school is on the way to my office. A lot of $ is saved by doing this because one kid will cost RM190/month for transportation, and babysitter cost will be approximately RM300/month!

The first 2 weeks was really challenging, as the kids are still unused to waking up early after 1.5 month of school holiday. But now I think all of us have gotten the hang of it.

In one way, it is tiring and a bit rushing. I need to ensure my work is done and finished on time as I need to leave the office sharp 5pm. Unlike last year, I can still hang around the office until 6.30pm. But in another way, I find that I am bonding with the kids even more now. Half hour to school, and half hour back from school in the car with them, I can catch up with their stories and chat with them. Then, as I reach home rather early, I also have the opportunity to cook dinner for the family, which I have not been doing for quite sometime. More $ are being saved here!!!! While cooking, I also have time to get my laundry done bit by bit, unlike previously where I can only do the laundry during the weekend. It's quite satisfactory actually!

On a separate note, I got head-huntered yesterday. Well, this is not the first time. Since I joined my current company, I think there were about 5-6 job opportunity that came to my doorstep, but I rejected all of it because of the location. I love my current office location, it's not that far from my kid's school, JJ is just 5 minutes away, KLCC 15 minutes away... and most importantly, the traffic to office is excellento! Secondly, this company which I am working with right now has always been my dream company. It's hard to move away from this place.

The head-hunter lady insisted that I try to at least go for the 1st interview, which at the end I decided, why not! Sigh... I don't know la... the offer is too great to pass, but the location of the office is Section 13 PJ. If I take this offer, my salary will increase by 20%, but I will lose the bonding time I have with my kids. And traveling to the office will be a bit of a stress factor in my life as for sure I will face the horrendous traffic jams! I have to think this carefully.....

~unsure Xena~


  1. kali verlari berkejar sama je.. baik xyh sis..

  2. Tu la tu.... itu yg akak pikir kuat-kuat ni ha....