Monday, 18 January 2010

Today's scribble....

Alone at home...

My other half went out to repair my Blue Ladybug's rear left tyre. On the DUKE highway just now, on my way to pick up the kids, near Setiawangsa, my left side of the car made noice... Tang, Tang, Tang, Tang... then ketung! Like something just threw off the tyre. I panicked, and wanted to stop over by the road side, but there was no safe area to stop. So I carried on very slowly, hoping I find some good spot to stop over. Could not find any and ended up at my kid's school.

There, I realised that my tyre has gone flat! I don't know what I have drove onto, but definitely has caused the tyre to gone 'pancit'. While I was on the phone with my hubby (he adviced me to call AAM, which I almost did!), a guy came to me. A quite pleasent and decent guy. I thought he was one of the school staff. He said, 'Tayar pancit?'. I said, 'Ha ah... tadi kat DUKE Highway ada macam bunyi bising, tapi sekejap. I still carry on sebab tak de tempat sesuai nak berhenti.' 'Hmmm rosak rim tu nanti. Ada tyre spare?' Alamak! I wasn't sure where the spare tyre is located! I called my hubby again. 'Spare tyre kat mana ek?' My hubby explain where and by that time the guy was already jacking my car. I was soooo glad that guy was there. He was really, really helpful. I was feeling guilty as I did not help him a bit, well, what can I help? After he has finished the task, I could only thank him....thanked him a lot!!!! Whoever you are, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

It shows that there are still good people in this world. I never thought I could come across to one. All these while, I only notices the bad guys... the people who have done unpleasant things in their lives, and it really made my day to actually see there is a good guy after all.

To be honest, I am feeling rather low because before I went back home, I had a chat with my good friend. She needed to talk so she called me. I really, really feel sorry for her because she is at the lowest moment now. She is having some problems and she doesn't know what to do. I can only hear her out as her problems are really-really deep, something that she must settle herself. I can give her simple advice and listen to her while she vent out her frustration but that is about all that I could do. I wish I could be more of a help to her, but I can't interfere with her problems too much. It's a delicate matter and I may not give the right advice to her.

I can't help thinking about her. I have never seen her so low before. For me, I get upset to see other people upset. May Allah give her strength to pull this through.....

~concerned Xena~

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