Sunday, 31 January 2010

What a hectic weekend it has been!

Where shall I start???

Thursday - went to pick up my other half's relatives at LCCT. Quite a long wait, and then we hit to Putrajaya for lunch. After dinner, my other half had to send his cousin to meet up with her friend in Kajang. I couldn't follow as I had to babysit my kids as it was a school night.

Friday - I brought my other half's cousin to one teaching hospital, to settle and gather some information about her fellowship application. That took almost 1 day. That night, we meet up with our car group friends and as usual we got home around 1.30am.

Saturday - Brought the relatives to Jalan TAR, shopping! That was half a day... my other half was busy with his car group buddies. Oh ya, my brother's wife delivered her third girl this morning and we were suppose to visit her at the hospital. However, as both of us were too busy with other things, my sister in law has been discharged from the hospital before we managed to go to visit her in the hospital. So, we visited her at my mum's that night. Such an adorable baby.... so cute!

Sunday - my other half has to work this morning, so I took the opportunity to settle my laundry. Since the relatives came, my schedule has gone hay-wired! But I managed to fold all the cleaned clothes.... In the afternoon, we went to 1 Utama, to collect my hubby's watch. Too many people at 1 Utama, that we just went back after we had lunch and collected the watch. Went to my in law for a while and then back home. That night, my other half went to his TT session....

Today - Such a drag to go to office today. My other half is on leave today. Since both of us have been rather busy lately, we planned for a good massage during lunchtime. I was hoping for a good lunch together but when I meet him at our meeting place, he informed me that his car buddy ask him out later after the massage. Oh well, there goes my lunch date! Sabo je lah....

Ok la, I gotta go now. Have to settle some application and I will be shooting off to the Ministry office soon.


~tired but refreshed Xena~

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