Wednesday, 9 December 2009

My Bandung Trip.... 15-18th November 2009

I have not given justice to my blogspot..... Have not been updating it like forever!!!!

Well, let's start with my vacation to Bandung. Basically, it was a great trip. The kids had fun, I had fun shopping and I think my hubby get the break he wanted....

Day 1 - flew to Bandung early morning, so we reached the hotel about noon. After checking in, we walk to the nearest padang restaurant. The food was excellent! After lunch, we thought of taking the cab to Pasar Baru. We ended up taking the 'Angkutan' - it's like a small van, but loads of people can cramp into it. Here, a photo of us in the Angkutan....

We went to Pasar Baru, there it was a shopping haven!!!!! Bought some telekungs, coffee table runners, piano runners, etc. etc. etc. Then, at night we went to the nearest mall, just to look see, and ended up having Pizza Hut for dinner... how adventurous can we get????

Day 2 - Cousins and aunty from my hubby's side, came over from Semarang, which was great. It was like a mini-reunion for us!!! Our itenary for the day was pure SHOPPING... hahahahha... We went to Jl. Dagor for the Factory Outlets, but after a few shops we realised that it was nothing to shout about. My cousin suggested we go to Rumah Mode instead. That place is not bad. Here are some photos....

Lunch was at Rumah Mode, the food was pretty good. Then, we continued our shopping spree to Cibaduyut, the place where we get leather products like belt, shoes, handbag. However, to be honest, the quality sucks! After Cibaduyut, we moved to Jl Riau, for another round of Factory Outlet. By that time, we are sick of factory outlets!!!! Dinner was sundanese food, which was ok lah!

Day 3 - The most interesting day... we went to Tangkuban Perahu. Such a nice sight! I loved that place... however, being up there with the strong smell of sulphur, made my head beat like a drum.... terrible headache up there! Despite the pain, fortunately, I still could enjoy the view because the view was incredible....

After Tangkuban Perahu, we had lunch at Kampung Daun. That is another place that you should not miss when you are in Bandung. Such a nice place to have your meals. The food is nothing to shout about, but because the ambiance is great, somehow you kindda enjoy your food!
After the good lunch, we headed to our last shopping place, which is Toko Tiga. Here is where you can get good quality jean (vs those you could get in Chihampelas!). By then, we were soooooo exhausted!

Day 4 - Back to KL.... as soon as we reached home, we were flat tired. Not to mention, flat at the pockets as well!!!!!

Overall, the trip was great! Can't wait for my next trip which is scheduled June 10, but this time the trip is just for the ladies. It's mama's day out!

Ok la, till next time....


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