Sunday, 20 December 2009

A nice weekend.....


Did a bit of laundry and then went to my parent's, just to unwind. We then went out that evening, to do a bit of shopping. School uniforms, school bags and school shoes. Nabeel had difficulties getting his uniform, he's too small! Alahai, Nabeel!!!! We did feel the pinch of getting stuff for the kids for school. I wonder how they do it, those with more than 2 kids????


Went to my kid's school to buy their books. Adoi! Terasa peritnya.... After that, we laze around at my MIL's place. As it was my BIL's birthday that day, we decided to have dinner at Kg Baru, the whole family. Yum, yum... it was great! Dah lama tak pekena nasi lemak kg baru....


Today we didn't go anywhere. We just wanted to laze around the house, doing nothing. My friend came over, to borrow my plates and cups for their trip to Linggi next weekend. And she asked me to bring her to our normal tailor as she needed to repair her hubby's pants. I was thinking, 'It's nice to have some company....', so I decided to have some guest for lunch. Menu wasn't anything fancy, just simple homecooked meal, but it was worth it! Such a lovely bunch!

~satisfied and fully rested Xena~

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