Friday, 25 December 2009

Today's scribble....

Today is Christmas Day... Even though we don't celebrate Christmas, but it has always been one of my favorite festival. You get that christmasy feeling, a good feeling of sharing love, kindness and warmth....

My other half had to work last night as well as today. He has to be on standby as the office is moving the server room. Me and the kids just hang around the house, doing things that needs to be done. I cooked for lunch, and then shoot to the nearest mall to buy plastic cover for my kid's text books.

Life have been rather hectic and boring lately. Everybody seems busy.....

Last Wednesday, had my appraisal with my boss. Basically, it went on well. One thing about my boss, to her, the most important thing is what other people feedback about us. Every year, we are suppose to send out emails to colleagues and other bosses to get feedback about yourself with regards to what have we achieheved in 2009, what were our strength and what are the area for development. My feedback was good, it was better than the last time, so my boss was rather proud. So, I hope I will get a good bonus and a good increment next year!!!!

Then, Christmas Eve, the VP's secretary announced that we are allowed to leave the office by 3pm that day! That is also something new to the company. At least, something right?

Ok la, nothing much to say further... till next time!

~well rested Xena~

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