Sunday, 13 December 2009

What a weekend....

Last weekend was packed!

My other half spent time with his buddies in JB, having his men day out.... so, I spent my weekend with my two precious one...

Friday, before my other half left to JB, we spent time in KLCC. Watched 'MySpy', which was ok la... not brilliant, but ok. I also got a handbag which I have been eyeing for quite sometime. I guess my other half feels guilty about leaving us behind that he got each of us something.... hehehehe bagus jugak ek!

Anyway, Saturday was suppose to go to a friend's daughter's birthday party, but the traffic was really, really bad that I had to turn back. We then spend time at my mother in law's, then send the kids to their piano class and after piano class hang out at a friend's place. She stays in a condo, so we took the opportunity to laze by the pool. At least I get my time off, and the kids had fun with their buddies. See, everybody benefited!

Sunday was to my sis's place, she buat tahlil and house warming gathering. Ok la, got to see relatives yang dah lama tak jumpa.

So, that was basically my weekend lah... hectic as usual....



  1. men out?outstation ke sis?

  2. Yup! JB... diorang pegi drag kat Pasir Gudang Circuit....