Wednesday, 9 December 2009

What happen after the trip....

After we came back from our Bandung trip (Wednesday 18/11), worked for 1 1/2 days. That friday evening (20/11), we were busy at Kak Sadar's house, helping her preparing for the big wedding. That night, we helped her with the bunga telur.

Saturday (21/11) was the nikah day + tahlil. Alhamdulillah, with one go, Apiq and Aini were officially husband and wife. Sunday (22/11) was the kenduri. That weekend was really-really hectic!

We took leave on Monday (23/11), just to rest, but till Tuesday we were still tired. I think the tiredness from the trip overlap with the kenduri weekend!!!!

Worked for 3 days, and then it was Hari Raya Korban.....Sunday (29/11) tu pulak, my cousin got married. That wedding was rather sudden.... so, that weekend was also gone.....

The following weekend which was actually, last weekend, was Aini's kenduri at Apiq's side. Adoi.... the past 3 weeks was just terrible for us... not a bad terrible kind of thing, but it was such a hectic period for us!!!!! Until today, I have not sorted out my life back to normal....which is why I have not been updating this blog....

And finally, yesterday was our 13th Wedding Aniversary.... we celebrated at Victoria Station with the kids, and the kids enjoyed themselves in the locomotive. I think it was the first time I brought my kids to Victoria Station.

What happens this weekend, you might ask????

Well. my other half will be spending the weekend with his buddies, and I will be spending quality time with my kids.... Friday will be movie day, Saturday got a birthday party to attend, and Sunday to Mastura's house for a kenduri.

*Sigh* I dont remember when I had a nice, relaxing, not-doing-anything weekend!!!!!

~Exhausted Xena~

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