Tuesday, 22 December 2009

There's nothing I could do....

Looking at my friend's face in the office today, makes my heart drop. There's some sorrowness in her eyes, eventhough she seem to potray a happy face.

I really pity her... pity her trust of her husband. We had a chat recently, and deep down I think she knows that her hubby is having an affair. I think she is able to accept it. But what I am sad is that she believes that her hubby will tell her ie be open about it. And as of the day that we chat, she believes that the 'affair' has not happen yet. That is what I am really sad of.... I mean, here she is, believing and trusting her hubby, and yet the hubby can betray her trust by fooling around with another girl. That is what I cannot accept. But what can I do.....

~sadden Xena~

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