Friday, 13 November 2009

My family vacation for 2009....

This sunday, we are off to Bandung. It was originally meant to be just my family's vacation. Then a friend wanted to tag along. A few weeks ago, relatives from Semarang said they will be joining us in Bandung, which lead to my mother in law joining us to Bandung.

Well, it's going to be a 'big bang' in Bandung, looks like it!

Tomorow, it's report card day at Liyana's school. It is also the school's open day, and Liyana will be performing her nasyid.

After Bandung trip will be hectic also as my sister in law will be having her daughter's wedding, 'The Wedding of the Year'.... my sis in law have only one daughter, that's why I said that!

Ok people, got to go now...

Till later....

~A soon to be exhausted Xena~


  1. mesti on holiday.. yani br baca.. have fun

  2. heheheh dah balik dah pun.... tapi tak sempat nak blog on the vacation... tunggu ya!