Thursday, 5 November 2009

My dream last night, so weird!

Last night I had a dream, a very weird dream. Actually, I have been dreaming weird dreams lately. I guess my subconscience mind is working non-stop....

Well, my dream last night started with my hubby going out, to Shah Alam he said. Then I was walking in an area, facing the sea. While I was walking, I come to realise that a tsunami was coming towards us. I ran back to my house, which was a wooden kampung house, on top of the hill. I was running back to the house because my son, Nabeel was sleeping in the house. I needed to get him and bring him somewhere higher. The area of my house was an area like an Indonesian kampung, where the lanes are very narrow and the houses are packed. As I reach my house, I climbed up the stairs, run to where my son was sleeping, quickly grab him and ran further up the hill, until we reached the top, which looked like the small town of Cameron Highlands. At that time, I was wondering where was my daughter. While searching for her, I saw down the hill, the water from the tsunami has settled down. I was rather worried about my daughter, but suddenly she appeared. Apparently, she was playing around the town, and she was safe! Then, I called up my hubby (I dont know where the HP came about!), to tell him about what had happened and that we are all safe. But surprisingly, a lady picked up his phone. So I asked, "Who is this?". She answered my question with a question, "Who is this?". I was rather pissed off by then, so I answered, " I am Khai's wife!". Then she said, "I am also his wife!". I had a shock of my life!!! The next thing I remembered was that I was scolding her, and asking her when she got married to him. Apparently, she was his wife for almost 10 years, meaning that he married her after a few years we got married. I was really furious, and then got woke up by my alarm. I was really angry when I woke up.

What does this dream means ya???

~Disturbed Xena~

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  1. that's weird.. people say ur dream is your subconcious mind! [wink wink]