Sunday, 8 November 2009

What a weekend!

Phew! What a weekend....

My hectic weekend started on Friday night. Right after work, my family and I rushed to KLCC. I have bought tickets to watch THIS IS IT, 9.30pm show. The show was excellent! MJ was a legend.... only he can dance like that, and he was really, really good. Sayang kan, such a good and nice person, have such a dreadful life..... My kids enjoyed the show and so did the parents!

Saturday started with me settlling those outstanding laundry. About 11.30am, the whole family shoot to my tailor in Ampang to send Liyana's baju kebaya for her cousin's wedding end of the month. Hubby drop us at the tailor, while he did some car job at the workshop nearby. After settling the car and Liyana's baju kebaya, we shoot back to Sri Gombak for lunch at the normal place we like to go. There's this shop in Sri Gombak, selling all sorts of lauk, ulam and ikan bakar. For people like me, who really 'like' cooking for the family, that place was heaven! There we met up with Paksu, Wancu and family. They just moved in their new house that day.

Since we found out that Paksu has moved into their new house, we took the opportunity to tour their house. Cantik! Next Saturday will be their housewarming makan-makan... After Asar....

After picking up the kids from their piano class, we then shoot to Kundang, to visit my sister in law. Her daughter will be getting married soon, so we just pay a visit to check out what needs to be done, not that we can be of much help, but more of a courtesy visit... hehehehehe....

Sunday? Hmmmm that was the bestest day of all.... Why? Because we went to see Cuci The Musical. It was hilarious!!!! The combination of Adflin, AC, Awie and Hans is just unbearable laughter. No wonder their tickets are expensive... but worth it. We took the cheapest tickets, but sat at the first row, so basically, first class of the last class! Since it was the last show, I guess the jokes are even more funnier and inpromtu. After the show, we managed to take some pictures with the Cuci guys. I wanted to upload the photos here, but I cant seem to put the pictures at the end of the post. I am still new in blogspot, so not sure how to do it... anyway, those who want to view the pix, go to my FB ok?

Ok, till next time!


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