Thursday, 1 March 2012

Rombongan Cik Xena

23rd - 28th February 2012

Rombongan Cik Xena kali ini ke Semarang. Ni semua gara-gara route baru AirAsia la ni...

Keluarga my other half berasal dari Semarang. My in-laws came to Malaysia in 1962. They still have siblings in Semarang. So Roohii still have many relatives there. We visit them like every 2-3 years. Since I married his family, I have been there maybe around 6 times.

It's kindda nice to have relatives from a different country. We get to know other way of life and thinking. Malaysia dan Indonesia serumpun tapi sangat berbeda!

Apa yang best di sana? Well, food is cheap and nice. But not as many variety like Malaysia. Their food biasalah the penyets, the bakars, the tempe and the tauhu (soya bean based food). Their sambal terasi, walla! Sedap ....

Shopping ok la, but honestly Thailand is a better place to shop. I don't really fancy batik so my shopping were around factory outlets. Sang Lembut got herself 2 pairs of Miss Sixty jeans. Sang Cerdik got 2 pieces of Angry Bird t-shirts. Roohii got his working shirts and I got 2 pair of Kickers! Not that many? Ok, ok, there were other things as well... What to do, I'm a shopperholic!

Family in Semarang took good care of us, and their hospitality were superb! Thank you so much Dek Ariep, Dek Debby, Nabila dan Kia for having us at your beautiful home for 5 nights. Thanks also to Pak Sabar being our supir and Mbak Som for helping taking care of our laundry.

As usual it was a memorable trip... Looking forward for our next visit there... But I believe they have to visit us first before our next trip there ;)

Here are some photos to share...

~happy Xena~

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