Monday, 12 March 2012

Sad news about a friend

Last Sunday night. I hangout with a friend and his family. We haven't hangout with them for such a very long time, I think more than a year. It was really good to meet up and catch up with each other....

Among other things, I was updated with the story of my other friend, in the same circle of group, that her husband has 'opened another branch'. It really hurt me cause this is like a few cases in a period of 1-2 years and happened to my good friends. I mean, usually I only heard it happen to people out there, but when it happen in front of my eyes, it has gotten me very scared and sad...

Poligamy, such a sacred word for the men but a painful word for women. No matter what people say or the teaching of Islam says that women who accept poligamy will be given such great reward and redemption, I can't seem to accept it. I know it is wrong as we should accept it as a thing Allah permits, but I just simply can't. It's just too hurtful. How much a guy can't share their women same goes to women. I don't deny the fact that it is something yang besar pahalanya. Payung emas bak kata orang. Yang lelaki pulak, kalau dapat membimbing dengan baiknya 2,3 atau 4 masjid, memang syurga balasannya. Tapi nowadays yang cam gitu cuma ada 1-2 kes je kot. Yang lain semuanya atas dasar 'nafsu'. Itu belum lagi kes-kes curang, main kayu tiga, menipu isteri tua, etc. etc. etc.

I may not really know how it feels to be sharing my husband but thinking about it is painful enough. To my friends who are unfortunate (or is it fortunate?), I pray for their ultimate happiness. Semoga Allah memberkati kalian...

~worried Xena~
13th March 2012

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