Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Here we go again...

We have not even got it, but 'it' has already started...

Sometimes I just don't know how to handle this matter. When we don't allow or don't support, we are being controlling. But when we let them loose, they just don't know how to balance things.

A part of my heart says it's ok cause happiness is my highest priority. But a part of my heart is getting worried that the cycle will repeat itself. I can see it happening, happening real soon..

How do I convey the message of my uneasyness without having getting into a strained situation? I just don't know how. So the best solution is to just swallow and put aside how I feel and concentrate on the hapiness of others.

Good luck Xena... May Allah give you the strength... You go girl!

Here we go again...

~mentally prepared Xena~
21February 2012

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