Sunday, 5 February 2012

CNY 2012 Dinner

2 February 2012, Thursday

Our sports club organised the CNY Lo Sang Dinner at KLGCC. I looooove yee sang so would not want to miss it.

The food was not so bad...

The best part was that we got ang pows. And the bestest part, I got 2! My big boss accudently gave me 2 red packets, rezeki tu!

We sort of we 'forced' to stay until dessert to wait for the lucky draw. And unexpectedly, I got the 2nd prize. Normally I am never lucky during lucky draws... But I guess my luck is changing with the year of Dragon???

Anyway, it was a terrible week that week. My black hawk got hit from behind, and my other half was caught up in a 3-day meeting that I had to handle the matter all by myself... Looking at the bright side, I now know what to do if such things happen. I now know where PJ state police station is, I now know how to get to Kurnia's HQ, I now know that Kurnia sucks, I now know that it was difficult handling things all by yourself...

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