Sunday, 5 February 2012

Coretan di bulan February 2012

Dah lama sungguh tak blogging kan? Padahal kat HP ada application Blog tapi still malas nak update blog at a regular basis kan...

Last coretan 17 Dec 2011, so let me try to remember as much as possible what happened from then till now:

Christmas weekend - geng GBB pegi ke hatyai. 5 motor, 2 malam di hatyai. Apa kami buat kat sana? Hmmm ada yg urut kaki, ada yg urut badan, ada yg buat facial, ada yg buat pedi/mani, ada yg cuci telinga! Makan usah cakap, asyik melantak jer. Tapi conclusion nya memang amat seronok! Lagu tema tuk trip kali ni ialah HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Kekekeke. On the way balik, kami singgah ke rumah parents Laling. Mak dia jamu kami makan tengahari. Yummylicious! Sambal tumis ikan bolis petai dia world class! Terima kasih tuan rumah...

New Year 2012 - anak-anak sibuk masuk sekolah. Sang Lembut masuk sekolah menengah, and we decided to send her to public school. At first she was not very happy but she adjusted well after 1 week. I think she loves it there already!

19 January - got my increment letter, and was quite happy with it. Alhamdulillah...

21 January - birthday my other half. We sort of celebrated it at my aunt's. Actually, diorang buat makan-makan, invited us and other family members. So kira celebrate la. We ate like there is no tomorrow!

23-24 January - CNY, did nothing, stayed home... Total relaxation, heaven!

28 January - my cousin got married today. He got married to a Japanese. I had to be the translator for the bride as the nikah ceremony was done in Bahasa Melayu and she don't understands Bahasa Melayu. It was rather interesting to see 2 different cultures merge into 1. I wish all the best to the newly wed couple!

30 January - Black Hawk got hit at the bum! Huhuhu my poor car...

1 Feb - FT day but I had to work, cause my office is in Selangor... Huhuhu... Still upset from yesterday's incident. My girlfriends went for treat in a spa nearby my office so I went to join them for lunch. Really envy them! But it was a nice place. The spa's name is Nadalama Spa. I may want to try the Cream Bath (errr this is not a bath but more for the hair, creambath for the hair!)

4 February - another long weekend. Cuti Maulidurrasul diikuti dengan cuti Thaipusam. Went to do a body treatment at a place called The Prime Asian Facial And Spa, but it wasn't that great. I still like Jemari Spa in Danau Kota. Hmmm should I sign up for their body treatment package???

5 February - masak nasi ayam dan bersantai di rumah saja. Managed to clear the outstanding task of settling the laundry which is such a drag! I just realised that my dvd player in the room has a USB port so I now can watch my downloaded series on the big screen. Selama ni dok tgk kat laptop je, jenuh straining my eyes. Now... Wooo weee clear giler!

Ok la, cukup la buat masa ni... Nak sambung Ghost Whisperer ni ha...

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