Tuesday, 11 October 2011

What I did last night...

Last night I went out with my girlfriends after not seeing them for almost 3 months. We get together quite often but lately we didn't get the chance to meet up as we were all becoming busy career ladies.

Anyway, we met up at Fahrenheit 88 (opposite Pavilion) at California Pizza Kitchen, our favourite hangout place. Usually we will hangout at KLCC but since our favourite restaurant has moved to Fahrenheit, we just had to move our butts!

As always we ordered the atichoke dips but I must say that it didn't taste as good as before. The ambiance was not like what we used to have. I guess things won't the same anymore... Have to find a new hangout place you guys!!!

Since Fahrenheit doesn't have a surau (yes, annoying isn't it? The more reason for us to find a new port!) we had to cut short our dinner to adjourne to the surau at Pavilion. After solat, we continued our meal for dessert at the cafe facing Fahrenheit (I forgot the name of the cafe!). There, we were like checking out our make up pouches. Can you believe it? Macam budak teenagers jer... But I must get those eye charms la! Thanks Iza and Pnutt for introducing those to me... My eyelashes looked gorgeous...

The best part has yet to come. We went to the MAC counter as Iza wanted to buy her eyeshadow. The rest were like trying on this lipstick, that blusher... It was really fun!!! We were like a beauty consultant for one another. Then our next stop, Bobbi Brown... There we bullied the sales girl, Kelly, asking her to apply lipstick to each of us, with the ones that suits our skin tone. And guess what happenned next??? Each of us bought ourselves a Bobbi Brown lipstick! Well, not everybody but just me, Emy and Elia. Iza got herself the mini party brush (ke apa ntah!) and Pnutt resisted herself from buying anything because she wanted to buy them at Sogo so that she could also collects her Sogo points (yes, I have crazy friends!).

It was really fun shopping cosmetics with your girlfriends especially those you have known for almost 20 years. We have been through thick and thin. Our next project is to get Kelly of Bobbi Brown to conduct a makeup workshop for us! Can't wait for that one to happen...

I love you guys!! You guys rocks!!!

~made over Xena~
12 Oct 2011

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