Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Indeed a stressful day today...

A few things that add up to my stress level today:-

1. Blocked nose - both my nostril are blocked due to this cold I'm having now. Breathing thru my mouth and I feel like my O2 level in the blood is low.. Suffocating!!!

2. Failure in submitting an online submission - been trying to submit an application since last week. Contacted the helpdesk which was not very much of a help. Hopeless helpdesk!!! I finally found out the problem and it was the officer from a unit unrelated to the system developer who explained the root cause of the problem! Sad la you people....

3. System error for the online system was due to my IE version that is lower version than recommended. I need IE8 but our office uses IE7. Apparently we are not allowed to upgrade to IE8. Then how???

4. People asking stupid questions to me - I'm like... Errr duhhhh

5. Can't join my Bodystep class - as I'm not well, I didn't want to stress out physical body. I want to recover fast!

6. Rained heavily in the evening hence the traffic is horrandous!

7. My nose is still blocked!!!

I hope tomorrow would be better...

~stressful Xena~
19 Oct 11

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