Friday, 28 October 2011

Should I or should I not?

Last Wednesday, Deepavali day, GBB did the discovery scuba at a pool located in Cheras. It was awesome!

My other half who has phobia of being drowning also managed to passed the mini course, which made me really-really pround of him.

My daughter had no problems at all and it did surprise me a bit as I never expected her to be able to do it after she saw my panic episode.

Now the question running around my head is that should I persue to take up the course for the diving license???

Hmmmm so tempted!!!

2 x 4 hour classroom
1 written exam (MCQ)
2 x 4 hour pool session
3D2N in the island for open sea test
That's all what's needed....

Should I or should I not????

~dilemma Xena~
28 Oct 2011

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