Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Koh Lipe The Sequel….. Hatyai Bike Week 8-10th July 2011!!!

I know this have been waaaayyyyy overdue! But only now that I could squeeze in a bit of my time for this blog…..

After we had a marvelous trip to Koh Lipe, we were enthusiastically excited to bring our families along to Thailand. Without any further a due, our beloved organizer, Mr. Tasya organized a trip to Hatyai the following weekend. Yes, we are one crazy bunch of people!!!! The plan was to take the bus on Friday night, and arrive Hatyai morning of Saturday, shop till you drop and take the bus home on Sunday morning. Sound simple huh? Well, not as simple as we thought so!

Tasya managed to secure our bus tickets. We took the VIP bus that can accommodate 27 people and our group alone was 24! In my head I was telling myself, I pitied the other 3 person… Sure bosan giler dgn kegilaan kami!

Anyway, the journey starts at Puduraya. The bus was scheduled to take off at about 11.30pm. It was unfortunate for us because that Friday night, the police closed many roads in KL because of the demonstration planned by BERSIH the next day. Abg Sham & Kak Izan and family arrived rather late and we were really worried if they would miss the bus. Fortunately for them, our bus got stucked somewhere and we waited till almost 1am for the bus. Hati sudah agak panas masa tu…..

The bus company then ushered us to Jalan Duta Bus Station, because the buses can’t get into Puduraya due to the road closure. Once we reached Jalan Duta, we expect our bus was ready to pick us up, but unfortunately againg, we had to wait for another 1.5 hours for the bus to arrive. Adoi, I tell you, I was like really agitated! The worse part was that our bus had ‘extra’ passengers that refuses to come down from the bus. The bus company has mistakenly issued out extra tickets for these fellas. The bus people try to coax them to come down the bus, but they refuse to budge. At the end, we had to pretend to take another bus and only after we all boarded the ‘new’ bus, they all come down the bus. Then quietly the driver of our bus move away to another area and we switched buses! Kelakar pun ada…. Only at 3.30am we depart from Jalan Duta Bus Station!

We reached the boarder around 11am, and the immigration office was flooded with people! I think we queued for about 1 hours just to pass through the immigration officer. It was really a patience-testing moment! People were jumping queue and our big sister, Kak Izan really showed her taring!  Jangan mare kak! We love you for doing that for us actuallynya!

We got to our hotel and we didn’t waste any time. We straight away went to the Market to have lunch and did a bit of shopping. We then returned to the hotel to drop our things and did another round of shopping nearby our hotel. At about 4pm we took the tuk-tuk to the floating market. Haaaa that was interesting!

After having our dinner at the floating market, we straight away went to the Hatyai Bike Week. As our journey started with an hiccup, we would expects further hiccups right? One of the tuk-tuk had a flat tyre and we had to stop by the road side to help change the tyre!!!!

Hatyai Bike Week was happening! My other half really enjoyed himself… and I believe there will be future Hatyai Bike Week in our agendas…..

Our day did not end there…. Went back to the hotel and get ourselves 1 round of foot massage! Aaaaaaaa….. heaven!

The next day was basically going home day. Everything went on well, until we reached the border! 2 of the bus passengers went missing! Poor bus driver has to search them high and low. That incident alone took us about 2 hours delay of our journey. It was very inconsiderate of them and we suspected that couple have something fishy going on!

We finally reached KL at about 9pm….

It was a tiring but enjoyable trip, full of excitement, anxiety and events!

Asked to repeat it? Well, yes without the hiccup!!!!!

Geng GBB....

16 August 2011

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