Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Have to keep fit... get up and exercise!!!!

Signed up with Fitness First again, for the second time!

The first time round became home member of Menara Axis. At that time office was at Jalan 19/1 PJ, so quite convenient. Then office moved locataion to Damansara Heights, upgraded to passport holder. So workout was at John Hanckock, during lunchtime. That was good because walking to the gym was the warming up session.

Then I moved job to GSK in Ulu Kelang. At first tried going to class in KLCC, but I find it was rather troublesome and clashes with my other schedule. So I terminated my membership (with very heavy heart!).

Wangsa Walk came into the picture near GSK's office. Celebrity Fitness was opened. Joined that club, but sorry to say, nothing beats Fitness First.

Now I have moved to RB whereby office is just opposite the Curve. Apa lagi, pucuk di cita, ulam mendatang. After settling down with the new office, new environment, new boss, new colleagues, I signed up again last Thursday.

What a feeling! I miss those good group exercises conducted by Fitness First instructors. As I have been members of 2 fitness centre, I am really a Fitness First supporter! I just love their group exercises because I am not the type who can do workout on my own. The choreography is systematic and standard throughout the clubs, meaning that in whichever club I go, with different instructor, the steps are the same. So you wont get lost. My favourite classes are BodyStep, BodyJam and BodyPump. In addition, I get to manage my stress in a good way... I really let my hair down during BodyJam... hehehehe...

Ok guys, gotta hit the gym now...

~trying-to-be-fit Xena~
15th September 2011

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