Thursday, 20 September 2012

What a day it was....

Yesterday was one of those days.... Started off my day with my iPhone being halfway done upgreded to IOS6, it couldn't be used until it is done.  Can't wait till it is done cause I have a meeting to attend at 9pm.

Then, got scolded for not following instructions which was my fault, no doubt.  Sometimes being proactive may not be the right thing to do....

Got in the office early as planned.  Went straight to the meeting room, setup my laptop and waited.  Just after a few minutes opening my mails, I received a mail informing that the meeting has been postponed till 10am.  Hmmmm never mind, just sit in the meeting room and cleared my mails.

Meeting was like a meeting lah! It was my first time attending it.  Nothing to shout about but interesting experience.  Meeting ended about 1:30pm.

Straight after that meeting, continued with a discussion which ended about 3pm.  Only at 3:30pm I managed to grab my lunch!  At 5pm we had our townhall meeting.  I could wait for snack time as I had to leave to pick up my son from school.

On top of that, received some news from Roohii.  News that also give us frustration.  But somehow we managed to find a solution to the slight hiccup and we were back on our feet.

It was really a tough day for me.  The though part was actually being caught by surprises a few times. I don't like being lied to and I don't like being cheated.  I am a transparent person.  Be frank with me.

Anyway, got home, bought Nasi Kukus, had dinner with Roohii, did a few chores which cleared my mind and I was much better....

~dissapointed Xena~
21st September 2012

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