Saturday, 15 September 2012

It's ok, you'll be fine...

I am so used to being left out... Since that day till now... The price for being seen as having more and more successful than them...

Being married to the youngest sibling in the family, I always thought the youngest always have the previlage. Now I know it is not always the case. Manja yes but other than that, nope! I suppose I should have seen it because I am the eldest in my family. What I say always counts, hahaha...

In a way, I thank Allah for what he has planned for. At least I get to feel how my other sibling feels and I try not to do the same. Life is a learning curve, for those who pick it up la kan... Some people tak amik kisah pun, still buat cam gitu gak... Jenis stone face...

Since dah kena banyak kali, I really have to learn my lesson and never expect more from them. The thing is that if I were the one who did like what they did, I am for sure to be critised. But when they did it, it is ok. Well, life is never fair kan?

But it is ok Xena, it's not like you can't go by yourself right? Sampai ke London pegi sendiri with no problem isn't it?

Don't you worry honey... Don't let this pull your spirits down... Your happiness in life does not depend on them... It's in my hands!!

~highly spirited Xena~
Malaysia Day 2012

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