Friday, 27 July 2012

Perception, prejudice, judgmental and assumption

If you can see, the title comprises of negative words. Well, it is normally used negatively in the real world.

Perception, what other see you as. What people think about you. We may do something but our surroundings, which may include your soulmate, will perceived it as something else. So do we behave to let people have a positive perception about you, or just be yourself? This has been a question that I ask myself again and again from those days till now. At times we try to behave to get positive perception by others but most of the time people will have negative perception first before can think rationally and see it from our angle. By that time it is too late. The impact of the negative perception has taken in place and can not be rectified just like that.

Prejudise, in my own terms is similar to mindset. Negative perception on a person will lead to a mindset. Once the mind has been set, all other actions done by that person becomes a negative thing, perceived as negative, leading to more and more negative perceptions.

Once we have negative perceptions, have mindsets, we tend to judge. Sometime assumption comes into the picture. People tend to just make their own thinking without having to verify what they think about the situation. Attempts to get a clearer picture is also misinterpreted as being confrontational and our culture does not like confrontation especially when the elder or 'above' person is being 'questioned'.

With this mixture, I question again, is it worthwhile thinking of what people think about us because no matter what we do people will see it as a negative thing? But then 'apa aku kesah' attitute is also seen a negative kan??? Hahahaha...

In a separate note, people nowadays tend to justify their wrong actions with so many reasons to make their wrongdoing as something right. In a situation where it is obvious what she is doing is wrong thing (e.g. Infedility), most of the time she will keep on justifying the reason she become like that e.g. because the husband does not pay attention to her, too busy or the husband is having an affair himself. When the surrounding people talk about her infidelity, she will then say that people have an negative perception on her. And because she feels like she has not done anything wrong, hence other people is wrong by talking bad about her. This type of person is in denial or refuse to admit their mistakes. They think that their doings are always right, that they do not do anything wrong as their wrongdoings are always justified. Most of the time this type of people are people who live in this world without values and principles.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that in:
1) Whatever we do we have to behave in such a way that our conscience is clear with good intentions.
2) People will always see us as doing something bad even if we have good intentions.
3) We have to hold on to life principles and to know what is right and what is wrong. A wrong thing is a wrong thing and nothing can change its status. A lie is a lie and there is no such thing as a 'bohong sunat'. Infidility is wrong and there is nothing right about 'main kayu tiga' and being 'curang'. Stealing or taking things that are not yours or not meant for you is wrong. There is nothing right about using your petrol card which your company give to you for your usage to fill up petrol in your spouse's car. There is nothing right about your relatives using mobile phone which was provided by the company to make long distance call.

Disclaimer: this is not meant to target anybody but merely a reminder for myself.

~tired Xena~
8 Ramadhan 2012

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