Monday, 16 July 2012

June - July 2012... Travelling tak sudah!

June and July were the months of travelling... I think I definitely put on a lot of weight these 2 months for sure!

End June I went to Beijing. Last minute my boss informed me that we had to attend the regional meeting hosted by our China counterpart. Yippie! Got the chance to climb the Great Wall of China. Beijing was nothing to shout about. Didn't like the people, people are rude there. Food also nothing great but we found a couple of muslim restaurant around town, so we had the chance to taste the local food. Great Wall of China was great but our colleague brought us to the wrong entrance. She brought us to the entrace whereby people need to take the cable car to go up. Unfortunately, Xena not as brave as what people perceived... me sooooo scared of cable car! My phobia... So ended up climbing the stair which took us about half hour to 45 minutes. Quite a challenge!!! Nasib baik mak pegi la jgk ke kelas si Riyo tu, if not pancit la jugak! But the climb was worthwhile... The view, undescribable!

A week after Beijing trip, I went to Bangkok, attending this meeting organised by regulators. That was kindda fun as my fellow regulatory friends also attending that meeting. So it was basically like a mini reunion plus mingling with the government officers, rubbing our shoulders... Bangkok, a shopping heaven, lead me having to change my currency a couple of times. Really, really made me broke!

Just as I reached home from Bangkok, the next day we took off to Sg Klah. This time is the GBB trip. The kids had tremendous fun. All day in the pool plus the Sg Bil unplanned picnic.

The weekend after that the GBB went to Penang for our last kopek makan trip before the fasting month start... That was really a trip testing our stomach tolerability!!! Unfortunately I didn't get my durian, which was a blessing actually... If not I think I would have burst of gluttony!!!

Next round of trip would be after raya... Cherating with the family and Chiangmai with GBB (yes, again!)...

Good luck Xena!

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