Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A week to remember….

W/c 6th June 2011….
The week started with news from a friend that her father passed away during his heart surgery….

The next day, I left for Singapore to attend a meeting/conference. The meeting was great as I get to meet up with old friends. Everybody was asking me where I was hiding myself for the past few years.
You see, I have not been attending these meetings since I joined my previous company (2007-2011). There was no opportunity I guess or rather not given the opportunity. Reasons given to me was always budget constraint but I don’t think that is the only reason. Let’s talk about that in another post ok?

Things went well, until Thursday evening where I got news that a good friend of mine lost her parents, sister and niece in a tragic car accident. It was a blow to me, as I was stucked in Singapore. I called up friends to find out more about her and everyone was devastated. I managed to send her a condolence sms to her and she replied to my sms. I wasn’t brave enough to call her, and decided to call her after a few days. I do not want to add up to her misery. The same night, my family was travelling from KL to Singapore via car. I was really worried….

I extended my stay in Singapore till Sunday as I planned to have a mini holiday with my family. Friday afternoon was riding pants hunting but unfortunately, we didn’t get any. My other half was quite disappointed actually… poor him! That night we went to the Night Safari. That was quite nice and the kids enjoyed themselves.

Saturday was USS trip day. Generally, it was ok but I find our trip to Warner Brothers in Gold Coast, Australia was much, much better. It was the school holiday period in Singapore as well as Malaysia, so there were many Singaporean and Malaysian at USS. On top of that, there were tourists from India, Taiwan and other parts of Asia. Sorry to say, Asians are and will never be like the Westerner. Probably it is the Asian culture of being ‘kiasu’ and ‘suka berebut-rebut’. A good example: while my daughter and me queuing up for Light, Camera, Action!, an elderly Malay Singaporean lady simply cut the queue and went in front of us. I was like so pissed, but seeing an elderly lady and out of respect, I let it be. But I lost respect for that old lady. The thing is her daughter was behind us, didn’t have the courtesy to apologies or seek our permission to cut the queue. And this happens in a developed country ya!
In essence, our trip to USS was nothing to shout about….

Sunday we drove back to Malaysia. What wonders me was that, at the Singapore immigration, traffic was smooth but as we enter the Malaysian immigration complex, we got stucked in the traffic jam for about 30 minutes. I mean, it is not like we have more people heading towards Malaysia after passing through Singapore immigration right? The same number of cars passed through Singapore immigration right? Sungguh pelik….

As we reached Sg Besi Toll, I realized there was a missed call from my colleague. That night I returned her call and she informed me that my boss’ father pass away that afternoon. Anther bad news of a friend… lost of loved ones again! The sadder news was that my boss was still in Berlin when her dad passed away. She was on the way back….

So, that was the story of my week… full of agenda, full of drama, full of excitement but yet full of sadness….

~mixed emotion Xena~

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