Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My other half’s (and mine!) new craze

We kinda have a new craze. Maybe it’s because that we are approaching our 4 series era, but I am not complaining….

We have adjusted our transportation arrangements i.e. decided to keep 1 car for me to use as in a family car, and him with a scooter ‘basahan’ and a superbike for weekend excursions. Me being a typical party pooper wife, at first agreed for the sake of keeping him quiet. But then, when I think about it, why not right? My thoughts, if we can fight them, join them! So, I reacted differently and looked at a different angle. Instead of being a pain in the neck, I followed his flow. To be honest, following is much, much easier!

We now have matching helmets, matching jackets, matching riding boots and now we are trying to look for a matching riding pants. It’s a difficult task because me being short and fat, it’s not easy to find readymade attire for my size. For my other half, no problem at all, everything fits him perfectly (which makes me jealous tremendously!)

Anyway, we did a few rides, with first one having breakfast in Karak. Then mee udang in Kuala Sepetang (it was meant for Kuala Kangsar laksa, but we did a bit further!). Then we went for a picnic at the Sg Klah Hot Spring with Tanjung Malim Pau on the way back home. The next trip is gonna be southern Thailand, and I can’t wait for that. Eh, before that, probably tea and scones in Cameron Highland’s this weekend. In a way, I take it as an opportunity of being together, just the two of us because normally he likes to involve the whole family. This is the only time that it is just him and me. Eventhough the him and me time is not as per how a woman wants it to be but at least I get that opportunity, which I am grateful for that.

~adventurous Xena~
15 June 2011

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