Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Today I did a day trip to Singapore. Attended a meeting organised by one of the government agency. My flight back home was at 4.40pm and my meeting ended around 11.30am. So you could imagine how long I waited at the airport.

Took FireFly so ended up 'lepak'ing at the Budget Terminal. Nothing much to shop and window shop. If main terminal kan best!!!

So, while waiting for the check-in counter to be opened, I sat down and did what I enjoyed most... OBSERVING PEOPLE...

I sat in front of the weighing machine... as it was the budget terminal, everybody was concerned about their luggage weight as all of them are travelling on the budget airlines. Some had happy faces as their luggage are within the limit. Some had to remove things from their luggage. So even weigh themselves!!! Hahahaha I thought that was funny...

Sitting near me was a group of Filipinos. I think there are foreign workers in Singapore going back for holidays. I can see it in their faces that they are so excited to go back home for a while.

I took a nap for a while but got jolted because of the chair. You know those chairs where they put a few seats in a row? The one that I was sitting was wobbly. One Korean lady sat so vigorously that it shook the whole chair. I was quite annoyed but then what to do, they are not as courteous as we Asian. I think Malaysian, Thais, Indonesian are the most graceful people in the region.

Now I am at the departure hall, hogging on one of the space at the Internet Zone....

Bored Xena

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