Sunday, 27 March 2011

It has been soooooo long....

It has been soooooooo long since I update my blog. Approximately 4 months…. It shows that I didn’t have the time to actually sit down and start typing….

So, where shall I start??? Let’s start from my last blog, talking about the cat that visited our home a brief moment. After she gone missing, all of us (and yes, including my hubby!) went gogo gaga of her missing. We all like a kitten lost of its mother. So we were very keen to look for a new kitten to keep as a pet. Somehow or rather, at the same time, a friend of us told us that her mom has an extra kitten. So without further consideration, we took the kitten. We named her ‘Anje’. She is a brown spotted tabby. Now Anje is the sparkle of our lives. She is now the baby for everybody…

In December, I got a call from a friend. She is looking for a Regulatory Manager. At that time, I was a bit unhappy with my workplace, and the call came in just right in time. I did give it a good thought to her offer, and after thinking real hard and some istiharah prayers, I decided to accept the offer.

In January, started at the new office with attending the regional meeting in Bangkok! I don’t know whether to consider that a good sign or a bad sign, but I take it as a good one. So far, as of today, I am quite content with my new office. People are nice, the marketing people are nice! I hope my life here will be long… I have to settle down already….

February is more of a month of adjusting my life at the new office. Made a trip to Singapore, to touch base with our contact person there. Trip went on well but an unfortunate thing happened on my way back from KL Sentral. Since it was a day trip, I drove myself to KL Sentral, park my Blue Ladybug there and took the KLIA Express to KLIA. The flight back from Singapore was delayed and basically was not a smooth trip back home. Somehow everything went wrong on my way back from Singapore. Flight was delayed, when we landed at KLIA we had to wait almost 15 minutes to be able to get off from the plane, I didn’t have small change to pay the parking as the machine does not accept RM50 note, after I ran around to change my big notes to small notes discovered that the machine is actually not working, ran up to the parking customer service office to pay the parking fees manually and drove home. On the way back, I meet into an accident! I banged the car in front of me and that car banged the car in front of him! We stop at roadside, near the petrol pump. Waited for my husband to come by, waited for the tow truck and adjourn to the nearest police station. Did the report and when we finished everything, it was 2.30am. It was a lesson learnt for me….. Really, really traumatic from the accident. The car was in the workshop for more than 2 weeks.

Now in March, the highlight would be our company’s Annual Dinner in Pangkor. All of us are required to attend. It’s like a company trip and is organized every year. Another good sign, I take it…. The theme of the dinner is Pirates Night and because the hotel we are staying can’t accommodate us in the ballroom, we had it in the open air. 11th March 2011, the same day of our dinner, Japan had it’s quake/tsunami. My roommate and I did nothing else but stucked to the TV watching the BBC News channel. It’s really, really scary. Doomsday is really near!

I think I better stop now as it is getting long….

27 Mar 2011

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