Saturday, 23 July 2016

Leadership by example

This weekend I got me all to myself... a rare occacion of my me time overnight!

There is so many things planned but end up me sulking in my bedroom, watching movie after movie. It's actually nice being a couch potato ya?

Well, I was watching Princess Diary, The Royal Engagement. There is this scene where the Queen and Princess were doing the parade on Genovian's Independant Day. I noticed that in that scene, the Prime Minister of Genovia was leading the parade in his feet! In our country the rakyat do the parade and the big shots sits nicely on the stage waving the 'org bawahan'.

Another scene worth noticing was during the wedding of the princess or was it the coronation of the princess, the chior singing the national enthem of Genovia was lead by the Prime Minister.

These 2 scene made me realised that our leaders sucks big time. Leadership by example konon?

A lot can be learned from the telly actually. It's a matter of getting the right message by the right thinking...

~jibberish Xena~
23 July 2016

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