Thursday, 25 October 2012

Bukan sekadar kata-kata...

I believe in action speaks louder than words. You can say or write a lot of things. You can say or write you love somebody with all your heart. But eventually your actions will determine your true feeling....

In a previous posting, I've once mentioned that little gesture are more precious than having to say that he loves me. Biarlah dia tak ungkapkan kata-kata manis, tulis kat blog saying he loves me more than the world but he is loyal, helps me with the housework without being asked to, take care of me when I am sick, gentle when talking, never lay a finger on me...

I have seen people write the loveliest things about their wives, but do things that crushes their wives' heart. Hurt them but at the same time call them 'Sayang'. Their action just contradict the words they say or write. Totally confusing.... Or maybe they are confused themselves?

In a separate note, I come to realise that many out there are living in denial. They don't like to hear the truth and live in a masked world. Too bad I'm the type that will speak out and spell out the true situation. Yes it may be bitter but that is the true fact whether you like it or not. For those who can't handle this, I apologies. You may hate me now but one day you will thank me unless you are happy just the way it is.

For me, being a good friend is being able to tell you the truth straight to your face rather than talk bad behind your back. I have a good friend which I have known since I am 10 years old who can just tell me things for me to improve and I never get offended because I know her intention is good. She will truthfully tells me if a dress suits me or not and not just agreeing with me just because I like it or just nak jaga hati. But then that is me. Others may not agree with me. I can't force people to understand that neither I want people to force me to change. We are individual.

Anyway, feel free to disagree with me because you are you and I am me...

~don't give a damn Xena~
Raya Haji eve
25th October 2012

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