Sunday, 12 August 2012

Yet another story...

Adoi, today dengar another story about a potential 'kecurangan'... Sad, angry, dissapointed... Mixed feeling... Kalau kita yg tak de kena mengena pun rasa cam gini, wife dia apa tah lagi...

Is it a norm especially at this time of the hour, I mean 40ies? Midlife crisis, some of them call it... But I believe that are all excuses. The main reason I believe is that 40s is the period that a men are at their comfort zone. Kids grown up, stable career, financially stable and probably don't know how to spend those extra cash that they have. The wife is also going downhill, body wise, urge wise, health wise. And plus many girls out there are looking for this type of men, to be the 'pillar' of their life!

Well guys, if a girl wants you when you are at your peak period especially when your pocket is full, your career is booming and everything is pleasant and luxury for her, trust me, when you are ill or dying, I don't think she care to take care of you, because they never felt the difficulties living with you. It's the lady who has been with you thick or thin that will stay on when you are at your lowest point, if she is still with you of course!

O well, another fact of life that I have to accept and swallow. My doa is of course that my soulmate be a loyal husband and that I do not have to face all this heart-breakening situation.

For those ladies out that whose husband is fooling around with another women while you are being loyal to your husband, I pray for your patience and strength to carry on with your life. May Allah bless you all always...

~a bit disturbed Xena~
13 August 2012

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