Thursday, 17 November 2011

Some good news to uplift my downside...

UPSR results came out today. PSRA was yesterday. My baby did me proud. CONGRATULATIONS Sang Lembut, very proud of you!

~proud Xena~
17 Nov 2011

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

My biking adventure: a traumatic experience!

Sunday 13th November 2011, a day I will never forget...

It was suppose to be a fun and enjoyable ride to Cameron Highlands via Bentong, Raub, Sg. Koyan then back to KL via Simpang Pulai. But it turned out horribly wrong...

We gathered at BHP pump station after the Gombak Toll. I was kindda excited because this is another biking group we were joining and the thought of meeting new friends, new gang, really made me excited. There were about 14 bikes, a mixture of various type of big bikes. I noticed this lady biker, I think she was the only lady biker, with her red shoes and bubbly character.

We took off about 9:10am, with a slow start, so slow that I was actually grumbling to myself 'BILA NAK SAMPAI NIH!'. We stopped for a while at Dataran Bentong, just to gather the group as we split into a few groups. We continued our journey and I must say it was rather interesting going through the inner roads, enjoying the greenary and the village view. We were not that fast, going at about 80-90kph. As we passed by Raub approaching Sg. Koyan, I noticed that the lady biker on Versys who was 2 bikes ahead of us suddenly went onto the shoulder of the road, on the grass. I was like 'what is she trying to prove?'.

She didn't slow down which until now made me wonder why she didn't do so, but maybe because she was trying to get back onto the road. I then saw water splashing and right after that somehow she lost control and bang! she flipped and tumbled! I was like 'Ya Allah!!!'.....

We were the first to reach her and I was already crying hysterically, as I was not sure if she was alive or not. I guess she had tumbled about 50 metres from where she hit the water which later I discovered it was a big hole filled with water.

My other half went to her and she was not moving, not moving at all! After a few minutes my husband told me that she was still alive. I wasn't strong enough to take a look at her. I went further back, and back, crying and praying that she would be ok.

By then the other bikers arrived. At first they didn't want to move her but we had no choice. She landed on 'sarang kerengga' and she got 'kerengga' all over her body. She also had a cut on her forehead and blood was coming out profusely. So, they moved her to the roadside, put her into recovery position and calmed her down. The police came and she was sent to the nearest hospital, Hospital Kuala Lipis. We took care of her bike with the help of the village people and we gathered at the police station.

We then adjourned to Hospital Kuala Lipis and we reached there about 12:30pm. She was consious and responded when being called, which made us quite relieved. As she had a big cut on her forehead and Hospital Kuala Lipis not have a CT scan, she had to be sent to Hospital Temerloh. While the doctors were trying to stablised her, we were being told some bad news, her BP dropped and dropped. A drop in BP indicates internal bleeding! I started to get worried as I know the danger of internal bleeding after accidents. Apparently she had ruptured her liver....

As she was sent to Hospital Temerloh on the ambulance, all of us followed suit. We reached Temerloh about 6.50pm. By that time she was being prepared for a surgery to remove the blood and to patch her liver (i guess). As her parents have also arrived from KL, we all decided that we would now be able to go to back to KL after the long and traumatic day.

As of now, she is still in ICU and been put on a life support machine. She had underwent a 2nd operation to fix her liver. My doa is for her full recovery. May Allah protect her and give her the strength to recover, Amin!

Since that day, I have yet to recover emotionally. When I am alone, not doing anything, my mind will be thinking about her and the image of her falling keep on playing back again and again.

Mas, be strong as I know you are one hell of a strong lady! Semoga Allah melindungimu, Masilla Ponijan...

~traumatised Xena~
Wednesday 16 Nov 2011