Thursday, 16 August 2012

Blabber for the night...

While waiting for the doctor to call back for the results of my dad's blood test, might as well I just blabber out what I feel and think tonight...

Allah test us with money, power / position, women (for men) and luxury. Most of the time people tend to forget their roots once they have some extra money or money comes in their pocket in abundance. Normally people who measure success in life by having plenty of money and wealth are most likely to forget their roots or the Malay would says "lupa daratan". People who likes to show off their wealth, those who wants and loved to be praised, those who loves when people look at them because they are using the latest gadget, these are the people who, once have a little bit extra in their life, will think that they are the best and perfect person in the world. Nobody else is better than them. They forget to respect their elderly, they even forget who their elder sister or elder brother are. They no longer respect their sibling cause they think they are the most successful people in the family. They might interprate this comment as being jealous of their success but little that they know that they have hurt other people's feeling by their lack of respect of other people. Younger sister will now be rude to the elder sister. Younger brother no longer care about his elder brother.

Then there this people who are selfish, thinking for just themselves and nothing else but themselves. These type of people will just do whatever they like without thinking or considering the feeling of others. The combination of this and the above attitute makes it even worse!

Other annoying attitute is not being punctual. I mean, please la, think of others. While the rest can make it on time and make effort to not waste other people's time, why can't you? And the best part, not even an apology for being late. Not to mention you are the one always being late and people have just to accomodate with your attitute. It's really annoying! This is part of selfishness.

So, in life you must be humble. Don't think that just because you have that much money that you are so great. Don't think that you have spend such an amount of money for your parents that the other siblings are at a lower class than you. You wouldn't know, your other siblings may have contributed more but quietly. There are others that have much more than you but act so humble. And finally the world does not revolves around you only!!!

~they-you-go Xena~
27 Ramadhan 2012

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Yet another story...

Adoi, today dengar another story about a potential 'kecurangan'... Sad, angry, dissapointed... Mixed feeling... Kalau kita yg tak de kena mengena pun rasa cam gini, wife dia apa tah lagi...

Is it a norm especially at this time of the hour, I mean 40ies? Midlife crisis, some of them call it... But I believe that are all excuses. The main reason I believe is that 40s is the period that a men are at their comfort zone. Kids grown up, stable career, financially stable and probably don't know how to spend those extra cash that they have. The wife is also going downhill, body wise, urge wise, health wise. And plus many girls out there are looking for this type of men, to be the 'pillar' of their life!

Well guys, if a girl wants you when you are at your peak period especially when your pocket is full, your career is booming and everything is pleasant and luxury for her, trust me, when you are ill or dying, I don't think she care to take care of you, because they never felt the difficulties living with you. It's the lady who has been with you thick or thin that will stay on when you are at your lowest point, if she is still with you of course!

O well, another fact of life that I have to accept and swallow. My doa is of course that my soulmate be a loyal husband and that I do not have to face all this heart-breakening situation.

For those ladies out that whose husband is fooling around with another women while you are being loyal to your husband, I pray for your patience and strength to carry on with your life. May Allah bless you all always...

~a bit disturbed Xena~
13 August 2012

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Every little gesture matters...

Less is more...

A small gesture like pouring me my drink without being asked is an indication he loves and care about me...

That iftar I noticed my glass keep on being full despite drinking and gulping down my 'air asam boi'. He has been filling up my glass without being ask to do so. I thought that was a very nice gesture...

~touched Xena~
9 Aug 2012